Meet the HundrED Team: Frederika Warren, Research Assistant


Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Frederika, the Research Assistant at HundrED, and I am based in the London office. I have a background in Primary School teaching and Early Years Education and I have worked in educational settings in the UK, USA and Australia. I am currently studying for a Masters, focusing on Children's Rights and International Child Protection, with a particular focus on Indigenous and Refugee access to Education. I love to spend my free time traveling and exploring new countries!

Why do you like to work at HundrED?

I love working at HundrED as it gives me the opportunity to discuss education on an international scale. I find it so interesting to hear from people around the world about their thoughts on how we can collectively change education through innovation! It’s great to work with a team who are so passionate about what they do, creating an engaging and fast-paced environment.

Why should we change our schools?

The need for change in schools has never been more important. The world is consistently changing; however, education and schools have not been changing at the same pace. All children should be accessing their right to a quality education that excites and inspires them to learn. We need to work together globally to find and learn from the best practices on how we can encourage this change.

Why is innovation in education crucial today?

Innovation in education is crucial if we want to continue to inspire young people to learn and reach their full potential. By sharing innovations and welcoming the opportunity to learn from each other, we open ourselves to change and to all the amazing opportunities that come with it. Whilst working at HundrED, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people working on ways to improve education globally: it is truly inspiring!     

Three HundrED innovations you love.

It’s hard to pick just three, however, the ones that have particularly resonated with me are:

Ideas Box as it is such a great resource, bringing education to those who are missing out due to conflict or catastrophe.

Democratic Kindergartens is so innovative, in that it gives some of the youngest members of society a voice!

One Course is amazing as it brings quality maths and literacy education to areas that struggle due to understaffed schools and large classrooms, with incredible impact.