Join Our Global Announcement Call Highlighting COVID19 Education Solutions on April 2nd 2020


In the last few weeks, the global pandemic has had extreme consequences on the world of learning and wellbeing. Some countries are thriving in online learning environments, whereas others are lacking technology support & training for teachers and families. While speaking with our community, we heard of many challenges faced by our learners, teachers and parents.

Examples of problems we want to solve

  1. Learner is unable to focus on learning and has high levels of anxiety 
  2. Learner loneliness is increasing even though digital tools are offering ways to connect.
  3. Parents are overwhelmed with the plethora of resources being shared without steps on how to use.
  4. Parents are planning daily activities but are not trying innovative educational practices at home.
  5. Parents are struggling trying to balance work and homeschooling
  6. Parents and teachers are lacking resources to discuss pandemics and uncertainties with their learners
  7. Students are worried about having an unnatural closure to the academic year
  8. Teachers are scrambling to go digital without much support & training. 
  9. Difficulties maintaining positive student-teacher-parent relationship 
  10. Collaborative play based learning is challenging online. 

On 20th March, our Founders invited our global education community to share homeschooling and online learning solutions that can be used immediately by learners and families in confinement. These solutions led by a student, teacher or parent, could be big or small, but should support student learning and wellbeing in this pressing time.

After a 7-day submission period, we closed the open call with a thrilling 102 innovative solutions to meet the challenges raised by COVID19 pandemic head-on! We have received ideas and best practices from around the world, including Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, India, Finland, US, Canada, UK, Uganda and more.

Register to hear about results

On 2nd April 2020, 1000-1200 UTC, we will be hosting a global call for our innovators, ambassadors, youth ambassadors and other community stakeholders to discuss our current realities and brainstorm on collective solutions. 

In the call, we hope to focus our attention on:

  • The current impact of the global pandemic on K12 education - What is working, What is not.
  • Critical challenges & opportunities in Remote Learning & e-Learning methods.
  • Explore the selected solutions from our COVID19 Spotlight
  • Define our collective commitment
  • Prioritise next steps & action

We invite everyone to join the call, hear from our selected solutionaries and brainstorm on how to take it back into our local contexts.

Register to be part of the call now!

We thank our community members for offering support and resources in this time of need. Head to our Coronavirus Toolkit especially designed to support educators & parents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Pukhraj Ranjan