Innovators in Latin America & the Caribbean have Claimed their Space on the Global Education Stage


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Innovators in Latin America and the Caribbean have answered our call for submissions with an overwhelming response, making it our most successful HundrED Spotlight yet!  

This Spotlight partners with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to identify effective models for cultivating 21st-century skills, also called transversal skills, in students in the region. Over the past five months, educators and innovators from Latin America and the Caribbean submitted their inspiring solutions and practices to our Spotlight on 21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The project specifically aims to understand how schools and organizations can implement these innovations; gain insight into any required social or economic conditions for these innovations to be effectively introduced into a learning context, and celebrate and broadcast these innovations to help them spread to new countries and the world.

Submissions Overview

The submission period closed Monday, November, 30th with over 380 submissions from 16 countries. Countries with most submissions include: 

  1. Brazil (23.1%) 
  2. Colombia (20.6%)
  3. Mexico (12.5%)

The call also registered innovation from: Chile (10%), Argentina (9.4%), Ecuador (5.0%), Dominican Republic (3.1%), Venezuela (2.5%), Peru (2.5%), Guatemala (1.9%), Paraguay (1.9%), Panama (1.9%), Haiti (1.3%), El Salvador (1.3%), Bolivia (1.3%), Barbados (0.6%), Nicaragua (0.6%), Uruguay (0.6%).

Innovation Themes  

The umbrella term 21st Century Skills, as expected resulted in a wide array of innovation submissions. The top 5 themes for submitted innovations include: 

  1. Collaborative Learning 
  2. Creative Thinking 
  3. Personalized Learning 
  4. Teacher Training 
  5. Social-Emotional Learning 

Next Steps 

We have now entered into the next phase of the Spotlight, the Research Process. This phase includes a thorough review of all eligible applications by HundrED’s global research team in cooperation with the IDB. Together, we will create a shortlist of innovations that will then be shared with an expert Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will then make its selection based on the applications' adherence to strict criteria of being impactful & scalable.

We already have over 60 confirmed Advisory board members for this Spotlight consisting of prominent educational leaders and experts working in Latin American & the Caribbean. If you would like to sit on the Advisory Board for this Spotlight you can register your interest through this form. The review period will take place over the course of 2 weeks between January 18th - February 1st during this time each Advisory Board member will review and evaluate the shortlisted innovations based on our established criteria of impact and scalability

After the Advisory Board has deliberated, the selected innovators will be notified at the end of February and the report featuring the innovations selected will be released in May 2021. 

We are so thankful to the wonderful Latin American & Caribbean education community for sharing their inspiring work with us! 

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