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4.4.2019 | Chris Petrie & Katija Aladin |

Igniting Innovators! What you should know about the HundrED Global Collection

The HundrED research team compiled a summary on how to best submit an innovation to the HundrED platform.

Calling all innovators in education! 

Currently, the research team is busy working on the Global Collection where they select the leading 100 educational innovations worldwide. Check out the previous Global Collections

We want to ensure you know what kinds of things we are looking for. To facilitate this process, we compiled a summary of how to submit an innovation on our platform and things to keep in mind.  Fear not, sharing your innovation on our website is super easy!

Submitting an innovation for the Global Collection starts by having an innovation page published to the HundrED platform! By the way, everything about being involved with HundrED is free and not for profit.

To make an innovation page, first, click here and then click 'share your innovation' in the navigation bar on the top right. Once you've completed and published (made visible), your innovation is automatically submitted for the HundrED Global Collection this year.

Click here for an example innovation page we think is excellent, but also check out the other innovation pages that were selected for the previous Global Collections for inspiration.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help!


Why should your innovation get involved?

1. Recognition: Be recognised by HundrED as one of the best innovations in education

2. Credibility: Reviewed by HundrED’s research team

3. Visibility: Media publicity through our various channels

4. Connections to our community: Open doors to our growing global network and events


What information do I need to include in my submission?

We believe that less is more in this context.

We are looking for a short, concise, and compelling description of your innovation within a range of 300-400 words. Think about a framework like this:

  1. The ‘What’ and ‘Who’ (targeted group) of your innovation? (< 50 words) What does your innovation do and who is it for...

  2. The ‘Why’ of your innovation? (< 100 words) Description of the problem being solved and why it is important

  3. The ‘How’ of your innovation? (< 100 words) How do you implement it?

  4. Bio: Brief bio of the founding innovator with their motivation, experience, and any other relevant information (< 80 words). 

Four points on the tone of voice we are after:

  1. Accessible – Please avoid abstract terms or jargon non-specialists struggle to understand

  2. Authentic – Relating to personal experiences

  3. Exciting and passionate – Not academic or technical

  4. Using real-life examples to enrich our understanding of the innovation (avoid generic and generalised descriptions). 


How do we assess innovations to be included on the HundrED Global Collection?

Innovations undergo a rigorous evaluative research process and are assessed on their impact and scalability. This is defined as follows:

Impact: Established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence of improvement

Scalability: Adaptable in new environments with a commitment to scale.


While an innovation may be weak on one factor, a holistic assessment will be evaluated by the research team.

To read more about our research process, please download and read our most recent Yearbook under our research section. 

Also, we would love to hear about any innovations you think we should know about! Just send us a quick link or innovators contact info!


Want to know more about us? Check out our Meet the Team Pages  linked below or send an email!  

Chris Petrie - Head of Global Research,

Katija Aladin - Researcher,