HundrED GLocal comes to India in partnership with the SMILES in Life Foundation in Ahmedabad!


When we talk about well-being, usually people think of taking care of our basic wellness needs like healthy diet and regular exercise. But when we talk about “Holistic Well-being”, we mean ensuring wellness of the whole-self including our physical, mental, emotional as well as social well-being needs. Most educationists now agree that we should include holistic wellbeing in our schooling system right from the early years! But first school leaders and teachers themselves need to know and practice such holistic wellbeing practices before they expect students to adopt them. In the heat of latest technology, AI and STEAM based learning, many times wellbeing practices get ignored which ironically is the foundation for effective and motivated learning of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills needs for 21st century. Keeping track of our wellbeing is the key motivator for enjoying our work be it classroom or elsewhere.

Nowadays many organizations and individuals have been developing and practicing innovative tools and techniques for holistic wellbeing which are easy to integrate with the curriculum and benefit both teachers and students. HundrED and SMILES in Life Foundation are bringing some of these innovators together on one platform to share and learn from each other. 

Join us for the first-ever HundrED GLocal Event in India on “Integrating Holistic Wellbeing in Schools” to be held on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, at Mahatma Gandhi High School in Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad, India. The event would last approximately 2.5 hours and would start at 11 am Indian Standard Time. The event will also be webcast live on the HundrED Facebook page.

At HundrED, we are coming together with our India Ambassador & Innovator Vishal Sharma (HundrED 2019: SMILES in Education)  from SMILES in Life Foundation and Carolina Pérez, our energetic HundrED Youth Ambassador from Spain who is currently in India, to bring you live presentations and workshops in Ahmedabad, India during this GLocal event. In this event, we will highlight “Holistic Wellbeing” strategies, structures and tools that are simple and easily adoptable by any school or teacher. There will be innovators and educators from various parts of the globe who will present and educate us on various wellbeing techniques for schools through interactive and activity-based workshops. This is a great opportunity for every participant to take back new wellbeing integrated teaching skills and structures back to their schools and make holistic wellbeing an integral part of their schools and lives

There will be a total of six-eight presentations/workshops at the event, half of them by local educators/innovators and the other half by global innovators recognized by HundrED. Attendees will get the opportunity to experiment with creative ways to deep dive into the presentations, talk to the innovators, ask questions and understand how they can implement the same ideas themselves.

The global presentations will include one by HundrED 2019 innovator, Kirsten Simmons, founder of Talking Tree Hill One Day School from the Auckland, Newzealand who will be joining the event through Skype. Children spend one day of the school week at Talking Tree Hill One Day School, reconnecting to nature and themselves through innovation, imagination and creativity.

We will also hear from Vishal Sharma, Founder of SMILES in Education from HundrED 2019 collection. S.M.I.L.E.S. is "Stress-Free, Motivating, Inquisitive Learning Eco-System" integrating mindfulness & well-being with pedagogy & learning. Carolina Pérez, the Youth Ambassador from Spain will be sharing her special experience of teaching in a Monastery in Zangla, Zanskar Valley, India as well her experiments with wellbeing techniques. She is passionate about education and is currently pursuing a degree in Pedagogy at UCM (Madrid). 

Another HundrED 2019 innovator Jo Rhodes from Challenge 59, London will also present her innovation which is empowering children and their teachers to actively engage with health and wellbeing issues in their communities, through dance and film.

We are still finalizing our other speakers and will update as soon as we have more information.


This HundrED GLocal event takes place at the Mahatma Gandhi High School in Kuber Nagar, Ahmedabad. Join us on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, 11.00am-1.30pm (IST)

Register for your tickets here! Did we mention it’s free?!