Green School Becoming A Global Movement With Their New School In New Zealand


What began as the Green School in the jungle in Bali has now officially become a global ‘movement’, as defined by Green School International (the network that is opening Green School’s throughout the world), with the opening of Green School New Zealand.

The first overseas addition to the Green School Network and family of schools, Green School New Zealand is founded by former Green School Bali parents, Michael & Rachel Perrett. At the school's launch, they share how humbling an experience it was "to be standing in front of those who have been brave enough to join this journey with them."

“It has been a challenging dream, but one that we were determined to make a reality. We’ve only been able to achieve this thanks to those who have been brave enough to follow their hearts and instincts, along with those who have worked hard alongside us, to make this happen."

Green School Bali has been recognized by HundrED for its innovative practices like the Bio-Bus social enterprise, an integrated project in the Green School Bali Learning Programme, and its Green Educator Course. Green School Bali is the founding school and centre of expertise and innovation in teaching and learning for sustainability. With their innovative educational programs, experiences and enterprises, as well as the Green Educator teacher training program, the founding school is enriched by the culture of Bali and sense of community. The Green School Bali campus, with over 100 bamboo, wall-less buildings, a zero-waste Innovation Hub, is itself part of the learning programme and a model of sustainability and student problem-solving.

Keeping the Green School’s core principle of sustainability at the center of not just curriculum but also campus planning, the Green School New Zealand has been built from locally sourced timber with just a 6% waste result, a significant feat in itself. As part of a major restoration project, more than 20,000 native trees have been planted on the site over the past year. The campus features a tropical house where students will learn to grow and nurture plants, and two nurseries that are set to turn over more than 15,000 plants per year, including fruit and vegetable trees which will allow students and visitors to pick fresh produce on-campus.

Green School faculty and staff sent well wishes to all the staff, founders and pioneer students and parents at the newly opened Green School New Zealand. 


Excited by what is to come, at HundrED, we would like to congratulate Green School Bali and Green School New Zeland for sharing their innovative practices with more children and families. 

Photo Credit : Green School New Zealand

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