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Sustainability is increasingly important to schools. But, where can you find the professional development opportunities to up your eco credentials? We hate to break it to you, but you might need a trip to paradise.

Lessons in environmentalism and sustainability are finally cropping up in classrooms worldwide. Yet despite being a topic of vital importance in this 21st century world, sustainability is more likely to be an add on, rather than a central feature, in school learning. What's more, few professional development opportunities for teachers in this arena mean that even the most passionately eco minded educators can lack the skills and confidence to make their green teaching dreams a reality.

But Green School in Bali is changing this. The world renowned school runs a unique international Green Educator Course, creating a global network of educators inspired to spread sustainability throughout the globe, one classroom at a time.

It’s not just the beautiful Balinese scenery that leaves an imprint on visiting educators. One participant was brimming with enthusiasm recalling her time on the course, saying “This whole week was a validation of my life, the way I live my life now, so I am so grateful for this extra knowledge that I gained over this week”

Fully committed to teaching sustainability in a holistic and student centered way, everything from the building structure to the curriculum of Green School embraces environmentally respectful practises and promotes sustainable thinking.

But, the Green Educator Course isn’t only about learning to harvest rainwater or apply permaculture principles. A keen focus is placed on bringing people together and cultivating camaraderie, by balancing spirituality, mindfulness, and networking. People are excited to connect and bond with colleagues in a meaningful way that is totally different to the experience in a more usual training course.

One visiting educator described this perfectly, saying “I think the Green School community is such a dynamic community. They believe in being continuous learners to bring sustainability and they are always innovating, changing, applying new ideas"

"It’s a very fertile ground where if you want a one stop place on this planet earth where the whole community is acting, in the now, to create a change - it’s here! When I feel I’m slowing down and I need to re-energize and make new friends and connect with old, that’s when I come back here.”

The course offers a stimulating, heartening experience that echoes with the Balinese culture. Attendees leave with a new toolbox of innovative teaching strategies and resources that they are able to take home with them to implement in their own ways. And it’s not just teaching strategies they take home.

One participant explained how much the course meant to her, saying “I think what I’m taking back from this course is that anything is possible, because this exists and these students exist! And these students have taught me that there’s just no limits and there’s no point in believing in limits. So, it’s just hope, I’m taking back hope, taking back bigger dreams and courage to do it!”

To find out more, check out the Green Educator Course Innovation Page.