Go! Global: HundrED Sustainability Spotlight


“Go! Global“ is a virtual school exchange program which gives learners the possibility to share their experiences and thoughts on different topics beyond national borders. The program is primarily in schools in Germany, India, Mexico, and South Africa but with the opportunity to scale to schools worldwide through an online, virtual channel of communication. Learn more about Go! Global here

The HundrED Spotlight on Sustainability highlights the innovative practices happening in education that address this important issue.

We spent nine months researching sustainability in education and identifying the people already making this a priority in their educational settings. Together in partnership with MUSE School, California, and with the help of an expert advisory board, we selected ten innovations which are impactful, address sustainability in a fresh way and have either spread to other settings or have the potential to!

The selected projects were celebrated at the Sustainability Summit in Calabasas in November 2018.