Frequently Asked Questions: HundrED Ambassadors Program


What is the purpose of the HundrED Ambassadors Program?

HundrED Ambassadors are the eyes and ears for us, discovering innovations and sharing them with this growing, global community of educators, innovators and implementers. They are excited about innovations in the education space, their own or otherwise, share our values and have a dedication to shaping the future of education.

What do I need to do as a HundrED Ambassador?

Since it is a voluntary position, you can make the role your own. HundrED Ambassadors help by

  • Seeking & Sharing inspiring K12 education innovations
  • Validating & reviewing innovations
  • Helping grow the HundrED network in local communities

Why should I become a HundrED Ambassador?

We have realised that people passionate about changing the face of education are always actively looking for innovative practices and people to connect with. So we are here to help and as a HundrED Ambassador, you will get to help us in this mission. We identify innovative ideas and share them in an easy format. You can use these for your own development or share them with more passionate people like you, slowly changing the face of education.

As a HundrED Ambassador, what do I get?

Download the HundrED Ambassador Book to know what to expect and what you will be doing as part of our global community.

As a HundrED Ambassador, can I hold events and get-togethers in my region?

As an ambassador, we urge you to share HundrED's selected innovations with your local communities. This could include hosting professional development meetings and HundrED GLocals for the teachers in your network, writing blogs and articles in local journals and newspapers to share best practices from the HundrED community and fostering a proactive group of education stakeholders that regularly meet and interact to take our well-researched, credible innovations into the classroom.

Do I have to pay to be a HundrED Ambassador?

No, nothing. It is all for a good cause, without any financial implications.

Can I get paid as a HundrED Ambassador?

The HundrED Ambassador program is a voluntary role and so we are unable to pay anyone who takes part. However, hopefully, you do gain valuable connections, ideas, and resources.

What social media handles can I use to spread the innovations?

You can tag @HundrEDorg or use the tag #seekandshare on your posts, tweets & more!