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1.2.2019 |

Celebrating An Incredible First Year For The HundrED Ambassador Community

Today we mark one year since the launch of the HundrED Ambassador program. Find out what this global community has been up to, and see how you could get involved!

Today is a very special occasion for the HundrED Community, as it marks exactly one year since the launch of our Ambassador Program.

When we launched the program back in 2018, we knew that people were desperate to contribute to a global movement for education change. But we couldn’t have known it would lead to more than 250 ambassadors in over 70 countries, in only one year!

It’s been twelve months of collaborations, connections, and innovation.

This community of changemakers, from all kinds of backgrounds and with a whole host of interests and expertise within education, inspires us every day to keep shining a light on all of the incredible things happening in education around the world. What’s more, they help us to do it!

From attending international events to creating their own, HundrED Ambassadors have been remarkably busy over the past twelve months.

In November 2018, two HundrED Ambassadors headed to Hong Kong to participate in the prestigious Yidan Prize Summit.

Just last week, we enjoyed HundrED’s first ever Ambassador-hosted GLocal event, sharing global and local innovations with a packed out audience in London! HundrED Global innovators and ambassadors were in attendance, as well as local education heroes. (You can still catch the live stream on our Facebook page!)

We’re now eagerly awaiting the next HundrED Community member to take the baton and create their own GLocal event. Which continent will be home to the next GLocal? We’ll have to wait and see.

But being a HundrED Ambassador doesn’t have to mean jetting around the world or giving up huge chunks of time. We’ve been amazed by the variety of actions that this international community is willing to take, using their unique strengths to spread the message of education change.

Our Ambassadors are constantly on the look-out for inspiring innovations in K12 education. These education superstars are our eyes and ears on the ground and complement our research process by bringing innovations in their local region, or area of expertise, to our attention.

The community is also incredibly active online, sharing inspiration and knowledge on our Community Facebook group (check it out!)

Ambassadors contribute to building a buzzing online community by hosting WEBday live streams on our HundrED Facebook page, which are hugely popular, and also host monthly thematic talks on a whole range of topics. Community members even play an active role in HundrED media, writing up their experiences of implementing an innovation or sharing their reflections on events they’ve attended.

These are just a few of the ways that the HundrED Community gets involved with helping innovation in education to spread. The role of an Ambassador is constantly evolving, and we love it that way.

This anniversary comes at an especially thrilling time. Just last week, we launched a Youth Ambassador program, which invites people under the age of 20 to raise their voice for education change.

A huge and heartfelt 'thank you' to every single HundrED Ambassador who has made this past year such an inspiring one. We look forward to seeing what the next twelve months will bring! 

If you are passionate about education and want to voice your opinions on what matters, join this passionate community of educators and innovators! Find more information and register here.