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22.4.2020 | Bryn Llewellyn |

Don't Let Quarantine Stop You From Moving And Learning

Bryn Llewellyn, Founder and Creator of Tagtiv8 Active Learning shares some ideas on how to keep moving and learning from home, despite the quarantine protocol!

Global society has been transformed in ways not seen for generations. We are all facing massive challenges in terms of health and education. School leaders, teachers and families around the world have all asked:

  • “What will happen to the children in our care?”
  • “Where and how will they learn during school closures?”

The forward-thinking HundrED community has stepped up with some ways to share innovations that enable us to learn at home. Participation in HundrED webinars over the past few weeks has been both provocative and reassuring. The HundrED platform brings together an eclectic mix of individuals and organisations with one common purpose - to help improve education outcomes for all children. 

Last week’s webinar featured Andreas Schleicher from the OECD, who talked about the need for entrepreneurial teachers as well as the need to build meaningful parent-teacher-student relationships. Watch the full webinar video below:


So which innovations are highlighted in HundrED’s ‘Quality Education for All During Covid-19’ spotlight? Click here to be inspired and then share with your circles of friends, families and organisations.

Here in the UK, many people have been falling over themselves in praise for Joe Wicks and his daily HIT workouts. To us, it’s more Physical Training (PT) than Physical Education (PE). However, Joe is certainly challenging sedentary lifestyles and that has to be a good thing. Tagtiv8 doesn't have the branding that Joe has, but we are also keen to share ideas about how we can ‘move and learn’ at home. 

How do we Move & Learn at Home?

There are many opportunities to move & learn at home. Here are just a few suggestions. Simply follow these links and get moving and learning.

We have always shared Change 4 Life resources and activities with schools and families. In fact, we were so inspired by their ‘Train like a Jedi’ campaign, we created our own Star Wars ideas. So if you want to link Luke, Rey and Yoda with Mathematics, click here

You don’t need lightsabers to move & learn - in fact we usually use tags when we work and play with schools. However, you can always improvise with playing cards and Scrabble tiles. To see what we mean, click here.

For other Tagtiv8 ‘move & learn at home’ ideas, click here. This bank of ideas will grow and grow over the coming weeks so make sure you drop by on a regular basis.

Be Creative

Being creative is just as important to Tagtiv8 as being physically active, To us, they go hand in hand - let’s be ‘creactive’ with this simple activity. There’s no running around involved - more like walking with purpose.

Dughall's Quest (1).jpg

However, a word to the wise from Ian Holmes, Head Teacher at Thorner Primary School, Leeds:

“Be mindful – we are in danger of information overload for home learning options. The most important thing is we see these times as an opportunity to spend time with our children and learn in a different way.” 

This quote certainly resonates across the Atlantic with the findings and recommendations of Playful Learning Landscapes (PLL) - an initiative at the Brookings Institution, which focuses on ways to transform public spaces into opportunities for playful learning for families and children. Their blog about playful learning during Covid-19 - and beyond - is well worth reading.

We look forward to seeing and hearing about how you get on with ‘moving and learning at home’. 

To share how you are moving and learning, reach out to Tagtiv8 via TwitterFacebook or Instagram and get your own Move & Learn Champion certificates! For more articles, innovative solutions & resources, head to our Coronavirus Toolkit especially designed to support educators & parents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Bryn Llewellyn