Chris Williams Introduces Chatta | HundrED WEBday


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on January 16th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 

Who is Chris Williams?

Chris Williams is an experienced teacher from Yorkshire, UK, who quite by chance began a journey which led to an entirely new way of teaching and learning.

A former techno-skeptic, former Special School teacher was encouraged by Ed-tech pioneer David Andrews to come up with new ways of doing things. Chris spent 2 years working in schools and kindergartens exploring the biggest challenges, needs, and opportunities for young learners, their families and their teachers.

The result of this was Chatta. Co-founded by Chris and David Andrews ( The approach is simple and combines 12 different proven components and essential pre-requisites of effective learning. The Chatta app is so simple to use, yet every single time it’s used the opportunity for learning is multiplied many times.

Chatta is one of 2019’s HundrED Global Collection and is used across the UK and around the world by schools ( primary, secondary, special ), students of all ages and their families. Chris presents the approach at conferences across the world including Asia, the USA, and Europe. He also has used the approach to simultaneously teach 40,000 students in 16 countries, whilst raising £20,000 for children’s charities.

Chris will be demonstrating the award-winning Chatta approach, software, training, and resources at the London BETT show later this month and is always interested in meeting new people. Feedback on the impact of Chatta consistently refers to ‘phenomenal’ ‘life-changing’ and ‘unprecedented’ progress.

None of this was expected. Chatta is an answer to a question we must continue to ask ourselves every day.

“There must be a better way of doing this?”

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