Boosting International Collaboration in K12 Schools | Ekaterina Bogdanskaya | HundrED WEBday


Ekaterina Bogdanskaya, HundrED Ambassador and teacher of English at Ryazan school №14 in Russia, shares about the importance of developing life skills, communication, and creativity in high school by engaging students in international projects. 

This video first appeared live on our Facebook page on January 9th, 2019.

Who is Ekaterina Bogdanskaya ?

Ekaterina Bogdanskaya is a teacher of English at Ryazan school №14, which is a school specialized in teaching English as the foreign language. This school is highly interested in developing international cooperation and is always open to new people and ideas.

Ekaterina is working on the problem of increasing motivation in the learning process. She organizes various school events in foreign languages and students participate in international projects and twinning programs. Ekaterina has been trying to establish contacts with teachers from other countries to have a better understanding of the school systems all over the world, which in its turn led her to become a HundrED Ambassador. She believes that school subjects cannot be taught in isolation, thus she is teaching local lore and culture of English-speaking countries in English. Ekaterina has traveled to Germany and Italy organizing seminars for teachers there.


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