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12.4.2020 | Daniel Rice & Katija Aladin |
Share Launches Free Resources For Young People And Their Parents In Response To COVID-19’s #AskableParent Challenge is a 6-day newsletter program for parents of 4-18 year-olds featuring free resources to help navigate their kids' questions as they adjust to more time at home and social distancing. Read on to find out more!

Students, their parents and educators are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of the novel coronavirus as schools shut down and quarantine methods are ordered amidst the public health emergency. In this series, we want to share best practices from our community and how our educators and innovators are managing school shutdowns, distance learning and more. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMAZE is launching the following free resources for young people and their parents: 

We released an #AskAMAZE video for young people on mental health during social distancing. The new #AskAMAZE rapid response series is an entry point for our videos on depression, social anxiety, and mood swings during puberty


Our #AskableParent Challenge launched on Monday, April 6th. The 6-day newsletter program features free resources to help parents navigate kids' questions as they adjust to more time at home and social distancing.We’re hosting a virtual parent happy hour with sexuality expert Logan Levkoff, a Facebook Live with tips on how to add context to the porn kids will inevitably watch featuring Melissa Carnagey of Sex Positive Families, mental health tips from experts, and more! This challenge is now permanently live on our website and parents can start it whenever they’re ready! 

Sign up to get tips from sexuality and mental health experts:

We thank Daniel Rice and the team for sharing resources and offering support in such a critical time. For more articles, innovations & resources, head to our Educator Toolkit especially designed to support educators & parents during this COVID-19 outbreak.