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Spotlight: Qatar 2023


This HundrED Spotlight partners with the Qatar Foundation with the purpose to discover 5 to 10 of the brightest innovations originating in Qatar. We draw on the principle that education needs to be contextualised because every location has its own needs and demands that can be understood through both research and practice.

Four chapters make up this report:

CHAPTER 1 - BACKGROUND: An overview of education in Qatar.

CHAPTER 2 – METHODOLOGY: An overview of the methodology for selecting and reviewing the spotlighted solutions.

CHAPTER 3 - SELECTED SOLUTIONS: Each selected solution with a sample of their review data is presented.

CHAPTER 4 - CONCLUDING REMARKS: The importance of the local curriculum and heritage in educational innovation are highlighted. The educational areas promoted by the solutions are highlighted (e.g. technology, nutrition, play, ethics).

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Find more information from the HundrED Spotlight on Qatar page


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Publication Date
January 24, 2023
García-Millán, Clara, and Crystal Green.
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García-Millán, Clara, and Crystal Green. Spotlight: Qatar. Helsinki: HundrED, 2023. https://doi.org/10.58261/KYVM5857
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