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YOUTH | Young Unesco Tourism Heritage - Creative Laboratory for the promotion of cultural heritage

place Italy

YOUTH format proposes a STEAM education approach developing a cultural project with Young People

YOUTH develops a cultural project format experimenting a STEAM education approach with 70 Students (Liceo Curie in Pinerolo, Italy) that work together with territorial,cultural and academic partners. Young People together with these subjects identify, analyze and represent on a digital maps heritage that is in the area they live. Here the web platform they created:


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Web presence






Target group
Students upper
July 2024
I hope to export the format to other territorial and educational contexts in order to promote this methodology of cultural design with the STEAM education approach in other areas.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

YOUTH make young people aware of a metodology of cultural designing, make them working with classmates, schoolmates and territorial stakeholders. Identifying and developing a bottom up process, they analyse territorial needs and proposes artistic itineraries for citizens developed through the unprecedented gaze of adolescents.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Among the strengths of YOUTH format:
1) the replicability of the format of the YOUTH project in different territorial and cultural contexts;
2) the opportunity for the Youth to be both designers and beneficiaries of the initiative;
3) the opportunity for the male and female students to engage not only with their peers, but also actors from civil, academic and cultural society;
4) the opportunity for the young people to work on a professional project that will then be valorised by the city as a product that can be shared with the entire community of citizens;
5) the awareness for the adolescents of working in a STEAM initiative

- Liceo Maria Curie of Pinerolo (Turin, Italy): Prof.ssa Emanuela Gasca (designer and coordinator -, Prof.ssa G. Barberis, Prof.ssa A. Bonetto, Prof.ssa E. Maccagno, Prof.ssa G. Beltramo, Prof.ssa L. Vattano;
- Municipality of Pinerolo;
- Politecnico of Turin;
- AIGU - Associazione Italiana Giovani per l'UNESCO.

How has it been spreading?

The YOUTH project
- was nominated and selected by Indire (Research for Innovation in Italian Schools) among the 13 Italian experiences of "Leadership for Change" and will be documented within the "National Library of Innovation";
- was invited to tell its story as part of the initiatives of the International Council of Museums (Italy) as a good practice of Heritage Education (May 2023);
- was invited to participate in the Italian mapping of "Educational Innovation" promoted by Ashoka Italy;
- was nominated and accepted to speak at π‘πžπ¬πžπšπ«πœπ‘ πƒπšπ² of the "International STEAM Conference 2023" that will take place on 18th October in the STEAM House of Birmingham City University.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact the Coordinator of the project - Professor Emanuela Gasca - to explore the methodological approach and the possibility to collaborate and to apply the format in your territorial and educational area.

Implementation steps

1. Empathize - analysis of territorial needs
Identification of territorial needs with the unprecedented gaze of adolescents
2. DEFINE a point of view based on users needs
Definition of project objectives with Students together with stakeholders and territorial partners
3. IDEATE the specific contents of the projects
Identification of the contents of the project
Definition of the work flow together with the involved classes
Definition of the timetable and of milestones
Definition of the roles of the different classes involved
4. PROTOTYPE the cultural and digital output
Definition of cultural itineraries
Developing of the web platform
Geomapping of the cultural heritage sites
5. TEST your output with the community
Testing the project in other territorial contexts

Spread of the innovation

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