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YipTree: Intelligent Personalized Learning Environment

location_on Jyväskylä, Finland

Personalized Learning Environment focuses to paying attention to students’ personalized learning and reducing early drop-outs.

To provide personalized teaching for all pupils despite large class sizes also in future we created Personalized Learning Environment to make it possible in digitalized surround. An artificial intelligence behind YipTree reduces teachers’ workload to provide more time on personalized guidance. Teachers stays tuned how class is progressing and whether there is any learning challenges.


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October 2018
Every student should have own personal teacher!

About the innovation

Providing personalized learning

"YipTree's user interface is perfectly structured. YipTree is learning environment which will make learning easier."  -Leonie, student, Magdeburg, Germany

Schools around Europe noticed that there aren't any learning environments in the markets which provide personalized learning well enough. As a result from that, started IMAILE-project whose goal was to create solution to solve their problems. The project was accomplished as a Pre-Commercial Procurement with companies around the Europe. The development of YipTree is based on a strong dialogue with the end users such as teachers and students. This is the beginning of YipTree.

YipTree is developed by Finnish pedagogues. An artificial intelligence behind PLE enables personalized guidance while students progress in their studies. There is a virtual tutor who helps if student faces challenges. Artificial intelligence also offers teacher different kind of notifications about the progress of the class. For example artificial intelligence can identify learning challenges which can be intervened quickly during the course.

The power of YipTree is also based on time saving features which enable teachers to give more personalized teaching which often leads to decreased number of early drop-outs. We offer environment for personalized teaching and learning. In YipTree teachers can make their own learning material or they can purchase publisher's materials which saves even more time from teachers' preparatory work.

YipTree has visual and easy to learn interface with ready-made materials

"YipTree is visually clear and it is easy for teachers to learn how to use it and also for the students. Teachers can create learning content by themselves or utilizing pictures and other materials on the web. I think that YipTree is also suitable for students with special needs because it is handy to create assignments that the special needs into account." -Mia M. Teacher, Finland

Spread of the innovation

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