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Xenom Energy

Digitizing Informal Oil & Gas Industry in Africa

Xenom Energy is a transformative start-up building a cutting-edge B2B marketplace for easy access to petroleum products in Africa. By connecting independent fuel station owners to Oil Marketers through our tech-enabled and operations driven marketplace.


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Target group
May 2020
Digitizing Informal Oil & Gas Industry

About the innovation

Digitizing Informal Oil & Gas Industry in Africa

What we do?

Xenom is a cutting-edge B2B marketplace platform for easy access to petroleum products in Africa – end to end supply chain solution in the oil sector.

Why we do it?

In Africa, the oil industry is majorly informal, dissociated and huge. In Eastern Africa alone there are more than 10 thousand independent stations doing business of over $25 billion worth of petroleum product. These independent stations are mainly located in rural areas and upcoming towns. They loss up to 37% due to challenges of restocking, lack of good branding, business management skill and financing. The oil marketers also loss up to 12% due to lack of direct channel communication to station owners and to middlemen known as resellers.

Spread of the innovation

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