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Intelligent writing assistant software that provides students with teacher-quality feedback and step-by-step instruction.

Writing Assistant Software

Durham, NC
Ecree is a remote learning tool that gives students immediate teacher-quality writing feedback as they write. Developed by educators, Ecree helps students from blank screen to final paper with simple, color-coded comments explaining ways to improve key elements like thesis sentence, organization, argumentation, and analysis.

Benefits of AI Writing Assistant Software

“Ecree gives students the personalized support they need at all points in their writing journey by teaching them how to independently improve their writing and become more confident writers.”

Dr. Jamey Heit, CEO + Co-Founder of Ecree

Artificial Intelligence for Students

As technology has improved, Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing software has evolved from spell check to much more robust tools that students need to be using. AI can do many of the things a human teacher does. The key benefit is that the AI is available whenever you need it and performs the task more quickly. 

Teachers already spend hours grading papers for spelling, grammar, thesis statement, and clarity, but students are not there when this review is happening, plus the process is incredibly slow. With AI writing software, students get instant writing feedback while they write. They no longer need to wonder if their writing is good or makes sense, AI tells them how they're doing every few seconds.

Fast Feedback for Better Papers

Let’s take a closer look at why immediate feedback is helpful. Students learn in predictable ways. If they are working on an assignment, getting feedback from a teacher will naturally help them improve. The more feedback they get, the more likely they are to write a better paper. With AI, students get more feedback and they get it faster. Simply put, this is the recipe for success!

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After you login to Ecree, click the “Start My Essay” button at the top of the page to begin.
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You can begin typing directly in the writing assistant or upload a saved file. You’ll get instant step-by-step writing help and color-coded feedback.
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When you’re finished writing and revising you work, click the “Grade My Essay” button to see how you did!
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