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Write Our World

Closing the gap through bilingual ebook publishing

For teachers of multilingual learners seeking to empower and engage their students, Write Our World offers an interactive library of bilingual ebooks by kids for kids that supports language acquisition, social-emotional learning, and global citizenship. This unique educational resource provides authentic writing opportunities, culturally-responsive pedagogy and reading material in small languages.



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September 2022
My students loved doing this. Helping students develop a sense of identity is essential to academic learning. They need to be confident in who they are in order to meaningfully participate in class.

About the innovation

Who are we?


While teaching English to elementary students at Sinarmas World Academy in Jakarta, Indonesia, our founder was introduced to ebook creation as an engaging digital writing platform. By including both written and oral languages and publishing to an authentic audience online, she recognized the potential for a revolutionary classroom resource that simultaneously built biliteracy and global citizenship through bilingual ebook authoring. In 2015, the Colorado nonprofit, Write Our World, was born, delivering 30 programs to 400 multilingual youth in grades K-12 in 6 countries, generating a library of 200 ebooks in 27 languages. Due to complications from the pandemic, the organization was dissolved in December 2020.

In 2022, Write Our World was recruited for the Newchip Accelerator to rebuild as a subscription-based EdTech platform. We are currently in our Pre-Seed fundraising round, with plans to build the infrastructure for both ebook creation and publishing, along with teacher strategies and student interaction. In this way, our resource will be able to be accessed by classrooms worldwide, and adapted to each unique setting by local educators themselves.


Our mission is to empower multilingual youth worldwide to embrace their languages and cultures while building skills for their future through ebook authoring.

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