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Neo Education Park

place Hong Kong

We bring together educators, social innovators, local shops and residents in the community to foster an “education-friendly city”!

We encourage school students and teachers to engage in more personally meaningful learning in the community, ranging from finding connection with the local heritage to designing their own social innovation projects. An “education-friendly city” allows everyone to learn in an authentic and autonomous way, in all kinds of environment, at all times, and with all people in the community.



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Target group
July 2020
Everyone in an education-friendly city can freely transform every moment of life into learning, caring and sharing experience, instead of gradually becoming another brick in the wall.

About the innovation

What is Neo Education Park

What we do?

Neo Education Park aims to incorporate innovation, heritage, and wellness in the learning experience using the form of camps in the local communities. While our primary targets are school-age youngsters, in the process we hope to inspire visions for the future education among the parents and fellow educators, plant a seed in our community partners (e.g. a local bakery with long and interesting history) to become part of an education change gearing towards an "education-friendly city".

Why we do it?

After 20 years of reform, the education in Hong Kong still focuses on the memorizing of information, maximizing productivity and following existing models, which might have been helpful in the industrial age, but become increasingly irrelevant in the 21st century. Youngsters suffer from the mismatch between the school outdated training and the demands in the world that is bigger than the city they live in. They also lose touch with their inner state, the immediate environment, and their roots and identity in the midst of all the challenges.

How we do it?

In Neo Education Park, which could happen anywhere, teachers from different schools, social innovators (e.g. upcycling designer), and local residents in the specific community (e.g. a retired fishermen village) collaborate to design activities and projects for participating students that would constitute the major part of their learning experience emphasizing on authenticity and autonomy. Students have opportunities to experience the everyday life in the community, observe the local needs, relating to global issues, and work together for proposed solutions. Impact on the students, parents and participating educators was explored and found promising in a preliminary research.

Neo Education Park is organized by Neo Education Hong Kong, Hopeland Education and numerous passionate educators, social innovators and community partners in different districts of Hong Kong.

Spread of the innovation

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