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World of Work Sales
David Miyashiro
Ed Hidalgo
Howard Shen

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Helping All Students Find Their Place In The World of Work.

World of Work

United States
The World of Work is a comprehensive PreK-12 curriculum solution aimed at early exposure for children to both self and career exploration in the ever-changing landscape of the global economy. Creating relevance to the real world and enabling students to map their educational goals to their possible future selves will maximize their investments in post-secondary education.

Helping students find their place in the World of Work

Prepare Your Child For The World of Work

What we do?

The World of Work gives teachers the tools they need to prepare every child for the world of work in their futures. World of Work ensures every child knows they have unique strengths, interests, and values that are important in the world. This amazing program gives students hands-on experience and access to working professionals that broaden their future career goals. How can a child aspire to a career if they don’t know it exists? WoW gives students that exposure they need to understand the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Teachers will feel supported in their instruction of World of Work material while also seeing an improvement in student interest, engagement, and goal setting. We’re preparing every child, in every grade, every year to be happy kids, living in healthy relationships, on a path to gainful employment.

Exposure to Career Options at Early Age

World of Work tackles problems seen in the education system head-on. Every student who passes through the World of Work will be equipped with the knowledge of career options, participate in hands-on experiences, meet a professional in the career, and have practiced skills needed in that career.

By integrating the discovery of interests using the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), the most researched of all occupational typologies, the World of Work not only gives every child a chance to learn about many careers, but also helps every child explore which career may fit their personality, strengths, skills, and values. Students involved in World of Work will not only know the how and what, but they will understand the why to everything they are learning. With each lesson they have at school, children will see how the lessons involving everyday subjects relate to a new field and why it is important to learn those skills and values.

WoW Implementation Framework

With the World of Work curriculum, students gain experience centered around six careers per grade level. If a student were to have the World of Work integrated into their education from Kindergarten to 12th grade, that would be 78 career options that children will have a deep understanding of upon high school graduation. 

The 4 levels of World of Work are simple: students hear about a career, simulate it, meet a professional in that career, and then practice or participate in a demonstration of learning.

The exposure each child gains to different careers helps them explore how their strengths, interests, and values are needed in the workplace. World of Work helps every student see that no matter what their interest or skill set, all skills are valuable and every person has a place in their community and is needed and valued in the workforce.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
20 000
Tips for implementation
Supportive board and administrators, alignment to district vision, innovative educators, awareness of regional /national employment data, culture of personal learning communities, openness to curriculum design, family engagement, business Connections, access to technology. visit
Contact information
World of Work Sales
David Miyashiro
Ed Hidalgo
Howard Shen

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