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Virtual Learning Resources Center with VR Technology

place Qatar

Digital books and electronic sources permanently available and easy to access

This initiative arose as a result of the school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising trend of using advanced technologies and artificial intelligence in education. The main idea of this EdTech innovation is to improve access to digital books and electronic resources in a virtual learning resource center.


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Target group
May 2022
Providing different types of learning sources for the production and dissemination of knowledge, supporting scientific research and making a qualitative leap in information services.

About the innovation

The Story of VR Library...

What is the problem we are addressing?

The need to provide an efficient and effective virtual learning resource center to serve the school's learning resource center pioneers and to serve a large segment of society easily.

As this resulted from the transformations of education in light of the Corona pandemic and beyond, where the trend is strongly escalating towards the use of advanced technologies, and artificial intelligence in various aspects of education, especially after it proved its effectiveness in a time of severe pandemic.

What is our solution?

A learning resource center with VR technology that simulates a school's learning resource center is designed to:

  • Providing a complete simulation environment for the school's learning resource center, which makes the student feel the pleasure of her presence in the library of her beloved school, it stimulates her to read and activate learning resources.

  • Achieving human and sustainable development for the LERC pioneers of all groups.

  • Providing the largest possible amount of digital books and electronic resources easily, so that they are permanent and easy to reach.

  • Continuous updating of information sources easily through various applications and programs.

The Virtual Learning Resource Center serves the following categories:

  • Students of all academic levels.

  • Administrative and teaching staff.

  • The audience.

The requirements of the center are available for most (internet - modern device (mobile - tablet - laptop - ... etc.)

An overview of our impact

It gives an impact in supporting the teaching and learning process by providing access to information sources of various forms and types at the appropriate time for the production and dissemination of knowledge, supporting scientific research and making a qualitative leap in information services in order to invest in the knowledge society by preparing a creative and educated generation that kept pace with developments and positive interaction with challenges. Era and human development.

A text message was sent to parents and on social media, with a link to visit the library. The reverberation was great from the audience as well as the decision-makers in institutions like Qatar University.

Examples of implementation

  • Students benefit from the Home Learning Resource Center:

  • Inviting the public to benefit from library resources:

“Within the framework of the Juwairiyah Bint Al Harith Primary School for Girls in developing the talents and abilities of reading among students, facilitating the process of acquiring knowledge for everyone and achieving community partnership, and based on the vision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in pioneering the provision of innovative and lasting learning opportunities. Its various sources in various fields, through the link:

Note: To enjoy virtual reality, you can use the VR glasses

What are our future goals?

Developing the idea to include other facilities within the school or cooperating with other institutions to implement it on a wide range and adding learning resources that serve people with special needs on a wide range.

How can someone else implement it? What do they need?

  • 360 Camera

  • Thinglink website

  • Google Slides

  • Google Drive

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

This EdTech innovation supports teaching and learning processes by providing access to information and educational materials beyond the school premises. It also supports scientific research and prepares a creative and educated generation that keeps pace with developments and positive interaction with challenges.

Spread of the innovation

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