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Your Trusted Partner in building an ever evolving 21st Century Learning System

So we start by running some test on the school to know the state of learning, digital literacy level of teachers, parents and learners as a foundation for building a sustainable blended learning system. We begin to work with with teachers providing weekly support through evaluations and upgrade trainings. We ensure teachers have every support in terms of edtech tools and instructional strategies.


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Target group
March 2021
Every k-12 School should have a Learning Design, Blended Learning Policy and a blended learning support system to ensure proper integration of blended learning across the school community

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We saw many schools that were helpless due to the pandemic and learning was distorted because they didn't have a blended learning system. We saw many low-cost schools with a large number of teachers with low digital literacy level which made it difficult to drive blended learning and we also discovered many schools without a Learning design that is compliant with the 21st Century Learning Design

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Firstly, when we meet any school, we run a test on the School and classroom community to detect the quality of learning with respect to the 21st Century Learning Design and also the digital literacy level of the educators. We then take the teachers through a Set Up Training to basically ensure that they become blended teachers and this involves modules connected to blended learning based on global standards. This leads to working with the school as a virtual learning manager using feedback informed analysis to support them. We meet weekly with the teachers for evaluation and upgrade training, and we provide a Scaffolding experience for the teachers which raises their confidence to be effective. With the help of our research board and research informed strategies, we keep equipping every school and teachers in our network with blended learning support based on global standards. We can work with any school from anywhere In Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

How has it been spreading?

In the Space of 1 year, we have been able to reach an average of 400 teachers. When we started, we had a major virtual event featuring educators from other continents because we believe with the power of collaboration, we can build a stronger education community and achieve equity. We are gradually increasing our network as we have more schools signing up.
We are currently working with 4 schools as their Virtual Learning Manager as we provide a blended learning support system and also manage it for growth and effectiveness. Every month, we run an international virtual conference for educators in Nigeria to get them acquainted with global best practices

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Though we work with teachers as a group in their school, but on our website you can schedule a free appointment to meet with a Virtual learning manager on issues related to blended learning and we will be glad to assist you promptly.

Spread of the innovation

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