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Workshops that help develop tallents for a better teaching-learning process.

Verbo´s got Talent

Monterrey, Mexico
Talents represent a great development opportunity for children, doing what they are good at, produces a great sense of emotional well-being.

Verbo got talent

““Educating talent is creating optimal conditions for learning and teaching for personal expression and flourishing” ”

Juan Carlos Ocampo, Principal of Instituto Verbo

With the progression of time, the generations change and above all the interaction between teacher and student, they ask for more attention and dedication, and as a teachers we are concerned with giving the student the best tool for teaching-learning process.

We live in a world in which specialization has become increasingly necessary. At the end of the school period, teenagers are faced with the difficult situation of choosing a career, sometimes in the search of what they want to do in future, they just desert in the middle of it because they have not discovered their talents on time.  

In our school we consider that the student works and performs better in an environment of affection, dedication and freedom to learn, we give them the experience of develop their talent and abilities for life. We just need to help them to discover it and develop it. 

We are sure that our kids have a special talent and a different way to learn, and if we help them to develop these talents they will be able to improve both in school and their daily lives.

We created a series of workshops that have been a success within the school activities, they have also produced in the students the desire not to miss a day of school, the used to miss a lot the last day of the week, Fridays, but with these activities they have asked that they not away the opportunity to take the workshop to which they enrolled. 
We didn't have to hire new teachers to teach the workshops, in our own staff of teachers we have found that they have other talents besides teaching, and who are passionate about them. Thanks to that, our workshops have had a success in our students.  

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