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Louie Dasas
Fostering Creativity and Innovation through Community Building

UST SHS STEM Capstone Program

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The UST SHS STEM Capstone (Creativity and Innovation) program provides the opportunity for learners to encounter and explore creativity and innovation in an authentic setting in order to enrich and deepen classroom learning experiences. The Capstone community-based project is a final requirement that allows learners to apply variables that influence creativity and innovation in real-word settings.
Dr. Louie B. Dasas, Faculty, University of Santo Tomas Manila
"STEM Innovations for the People"

Dr. Louie B. Dasas, Faculty, University of Santo Tomas Manila


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Why did you create this innovation?

The UST SHS STEM Capstone program is a response to the call for creativity and innovation in STEM classrooms. With the aim of making a difference through social transformation, this curricular innovation challenges the learners to improve products and processes for the benefit of the people in the communities.

How does your innovation work in practice?

The UST SHS STEM Capstone course reflects curricular innovation in the quality of education, particularly reshaping learning methodologies and delivery systems for learning effectiveness as well as education for the 21st century. The UST SHS STEM Capstone course does not only challenges the STEM learners to think creatively and critically about possible solutions to identified community problems, but the program also extends the taught curricula and provides opportunities for affective development of the learners through authentic and purposeful community service. Learners independently engage in collaborative thinking and ideation of their proposed community-based projects, with close consultation with the Capstone teachers. With this, learners are empowered to think creatively and become self-regulated learners as well.

How has it been spreading?

The UST SHS STEM Capstone course deliberately provides valuable learning experiences for the students to extend their classroom learning and address real-world problems. In almost three years of implementation from 2017 to 2020, the UST SHS STEM Capstone program has reached approximately 2,300 learners and implemented a total of 368 community-based projects that benefited more or less 368 households from Parang, Marikina City and San Mateo, Rizal. In the next two years, the program is envisioned to go back to the community once COVID restrictions ease. In 2019, the program was awarded Excellence in Educational Transformation Award: Innovation in Quality Education: Education for the 21st century by Bayan Academy, DepEd, ABSCBN Foundation, and Rex Bookstore.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Planning and situational analysis are necessary in order to coordinate the school and the communities. Should you want to jump-start this initiative, you can contact Dr. Louie B. Dasas.


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