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UrbanEngineers by HouseStories

Engaging youth with the built environment through systems thinking and hands-on projects to prepare them for creating a resilient future.

Students embark on a global journey, creating teams and knowledge to build an adaptive and resilient city for a particular geographic location. They apply systems thinking models to design concepts about how lifestyles, infrastructures and technologies can be adapted for different geographies, resources and climates. This modular learning journey provides a valuable thought framework for life.


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Target group
April 2020
The illusion of space and time that continues around us is a blurred vision of this swarming of elementary processes. The world seems to be less about objects than about interactive relationships.

About the innovation

Engaging Youth with the Built Environment

50% of the world has yet to be built. In oder to preserve ourselves and the planet, we need a framework to think about our built environment which connects ourselves to our culture, land, climate and natural resources. UrbanEngineers encourages story telling, empathy building, networked thinking and communication around how to create our collective future.

What do we do?

We frame our work with youth around essential questions that encourage systems-thinking: What is a city? Is it kind of like an ecosystem? What are the challenges in my city and how do we face them? How will my city adapt to change? How will future generations continue to live based on my actions? What kind of impacts will the actions of humans and their technologies have? These questions are part of the important discussions on global citizenship and are tailored for K12 audience. 

Why do we do it?

With 90% of all future population growth happening in cities, achievement of the SDGs will have to be addressed within the context of global urbanization. Youth education programs play a vital role in preparing leaders of our future towards achieving the SDGs, but few programs use the city as a context for the curriculum. HouseStories is an educational product company focused on engaging youth with cities and the built environment for a resilient future using innovative hands-on projects and interdisciplinary curriculum. 

Spread of the innovation

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