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Jean Paul Laurent

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We get dental care to people in impoverished countries across the world.

Unspoken Smiles

3.58 billion people around the world lack access to oral health care, simply because they either cannot afford it or have never had access to a dentist in their entire lives. We provide early oral health treatment and education for children, and dental assistance fellowships to young local women with otherwise inadequate earning opportunities, empowering them with a sustainable career in Dentistry

Together, we can bring primary oral health care to ALL.

Jean Paul Laurent, founder & CEO, Unspoken Smiles Foundation
“While treatment has the power to control many public health crises, prevention has the power to end it. ”

Jean Paul Laurent, founder & CEO, Unspoken Smiles Foundation

3.58 billion people around the world lack access to oral health care, simply because they either cannot afford it or have never had access to a dentist in their entire lives. For some, getting dental treatment means traveling for several hours or waiting for upwards of a year for free dental care provided by international organizations. Many others, meanwhile, die from oral diseases that are 100% preventable. 

Jean Paul Laurent, founder of Unspoken Smiles Foundation, has created an innovative model to solve one of the most overlooked health issues in the world, starting with the most remote communities of Haiti and spreading to communities in India, Iraq, and elsewhere. The key: training and employing local women as community oral healthcare professionals. Young women between the ages of 17 and 35 will learn to educate, screen for common oral diseases, and perform basic procedures. With the Unspoken Smiles Fellowship, Jean Paul is creating a platform to train, empower and connect fellows with other dental professionals across the world. The fellowship will give these women access to the best mobile technological resources, create a global network for innovation exchange, and form public-private partnerships with corporations and governments to ensure community oral healthcare professionals are a cornerstone of the universal health coverage coalition. And with the help of the Fellowship, these women will also gain invaluable professional experience and contribute to their local economies in substantive ways. 

If properly supported, Unspoken Smiles Foundation believes these fellows can transform access to quality oral care in disadvantaged regions and protect against the global oral disease epidemic.

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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
7 000
Tips for implementation
1. Disciplined Delivery & Impact Tracking—consistent use of mobile-configured web-based reporting with plan to use to application to track baseline conditions, delivery and outcomes 2. Improving Visibility Into Expense Including Program Segment Financials—budgeting and tracking by service category (e.g., education, economic development, treatment program, buy-one get-one operations) 3. Leveraged Use of Local Volunteers & In-Kind Donations 4. Optimize use of professional and local volunteers 5. Lock-in relationships with dental kit supporters, including Colgate, Unilever, P&G, American Dental Assn. et al.
Contact information
Jean Paul Laurent

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Unspoken Smiles | Haiti
Unspoken Smiles | Guatemala
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Unspoken Smiles | Kurdistan Regional Iraq
Rooting Out Oral Cancer In India - Unspoken Smiles Foundation


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Country Representatives: Partners and Friends from Around the World
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Our commitment to serve As more and more children are born into impoverished, underserved communities worldwide, we, the Dental Professional Volunteers at Unspoken Smiles are taking the pledge.
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