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Unlock the Power of Understanding: 50/100 Menstrual ED by With Red & Period Museum

Menstruation Matters to 100% of us as someone you love is bleeding with strength.

East Asian society grapples with discussing menstruation, hindered by cultural taboos and scarce resources. 50/100 Menstrual ED offers an engaging, interactive program that educates on periods while nurturing empathy, diversity, and self-love. Welcoming parents, adolescents, educators, and nurses of all genders, we break barriers and empower individuals to compassionately explore menstruation.

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May 2024
1. Empower growth: Our program defies cultural norms, empowering participants to grasp periods and embrace life changes with proper care. 2. Cultivate empathy: We nurture appreciation for differences, strengthening support and relationships. 3. Advance period equity: Education combats stigma, striving for an inclusive society valuing menstrual health, liberating individuals from fear or shame.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Menstrual stigma is a pressing issue in East Asia. Only 1/9 of Taiwanese schools provide menstrual education and a mere 45% of female elementary school students in Taiwan can answer menstruation-related questions correctly. With Red offers an inclusive education program to empower all individuals to live freely as their true selves, unencumbered by the limitations and constraints of menstruation.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

To effectively address the issue of period stigma in East Asia, we need innovative solutions to go beyond the traditional classroom. With Red's innovative course design is anchored on the peer learning and scaffolding principle. For example, placing parents and adolescents in the same group fosters a deeper bond and understanding between them. It empowers participants with the knowledge and strengthens their connection.
With Red designs 3 age-specific kits to cover a wide range of menstrual issues for different audiences. The interactive and experiential materials engage and empower adolescents and parents, fostering a deep understanding of menstruation, an appreciation for diverse menstrual products, and raising social awareness.
We work with school administrators to review school policies and help them implement a comprehensive menstrual education curriculum. We aim to create immersive, gender-inclusive environments that foster empathy, self-love, and compassion.

How has it been spreading?

Our program is now implemented in 110 schools and organisations across 18 cities, directly impacted 300k students, parents, and educators, reaching 1M people overall. We've published 3 age-specific kits, 3 books, and co-produced the 1st Taiwanese menstruation education animation, garnering 320K views. This success has led to policy changes in 5 municipalities, and the central government is now considering our curriculum for national implementation. We're now translating materials into multiple languages and incorporating cultural contexts from East & Southeast Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia). By sharing methods with educators and establishing regional agendas, we aim to elevate the importance of menstrual education and eliminate period stigma in Asia.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We love connecting with others with a shared mindset and purpose. Please share the current challenges and the current state of menstrual education in your country. We will guide you to identify stakeholders and possible solutions. We can work with you to produce educational materials tailored to your cultural background with a 3 year follow-up in plan.
Please reach out to:

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Overcoming the societal stigma surrounding menstruation is a universal imperative. By challenging this stigma and nurturing empathy, Unlock the Power of Understanding cultivates a more inclusive and compassionate society for everyone.

With a program as highly detailed and accepting as this one, all it would take is some translation work to be able to work with people of different language backgrounds. More people in the world need to be educated about this natural phenomenon.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Empower yourself with menstrual knowledge using With Red's teaching handbook. Tailor teaching materials, including PowerPoint slides, to your school/community/organisation's context, based on our published curriculum. Utilise our age-specified menstrual education kit and a variety of menstrual products for hands-on learning. Design engaging, interactive activities that blend education and fun, boosting participation and involvement.
Ensure a shared objective and garner support and engagement from parents and administrators if implementing in schools. By establishing a common goal, you can achieve a more effective and collaborative learning environment that positively impacts students' menstrual health and well-being. Get everyone on board for an impactful menstrual education program that will benefit the entire community.
Approach menstruation naturally and positively, avoiding taboos or negativity. Teachers' attitudes greatly influence how audiences perceive menstruation, so show empathy and actively listen to participants with negative attitudes or misconceptions. By starting on the right foot, you can foster an open, comfortable environment that encourages learning, growth, and empowerment.
Evaluation and Scaling
Evaluate participants' attitudes and understanding towards menstruation, observing changes in inclusivity and attitudes towards diversity. Use these insights to plan future scaling efforts, such as implementing the program school-wide. By tracking progress and measuring impact, you can ensure a more effective and widespread menstrual education program that empowers individuals and fosters a more accepting, understanding community.

Spread of the innovation

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