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Umoya Sports

place Delhi, India

Umoya Sports provides holistic development to students with disabilities and builds an inclusive culture in schools through sports

Joy of Play is a year-long, in-school, sports education program specially curated for students with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Delays. We integrate student academic learning outcomes while improving motor skills, life skills and social skills of students through sports, and build an inclusive culture in schools by combining students with and without disabilities together.



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Target group
May 2019
Currently out of 40-80 million People with Disabilities in India, 46% are uneducated, 39% drop out from school and as a result, a huge 63% of them are unemployed due to lack of skills.

About the innovation

Build inclusion in schools through sports

We all understand that sports is a great tool to connect, spread joy and build life skills, but unfortunately, we at Umoya Sport, have observed that it is also the first instant of exclusion faced by students with disabilities.

Sports is not only a great tool for development but also to break barriers and enable building friendships. We are using sports to build inclusion at schools, to create a mindset change in students through a ‘Buddy system’. In the Buddy system, each student with disabilities is paired with a student without disability and they will participate in sports activities together.

The areas of student learning goals we are working towards are:

1. Academic outcomes – Number concept, Geometry, parts of the body and colour concepts

2. Body Management- Motor skills, Coordination, Agility and Balance

3. Social and Life skills–Teamwork, Confidence, Patience

4. Health benefits – Ensuring SwD are physically active reducing their health risks

5. Sports skills – Honing the sports skills (football, basketball and athletics) to create an alternate pathway of opportunities in the future through competitive exposure.


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