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Totto Parents App

location_on Kochi, India

Your parenting partner - bringing the village to your child!

Parents are the most important, yet the most underprepared influence in a child’s early years. The 21st century parents are primary caretakers in micro-families. With unlimited information, yet unanswered questions. Conflicted by modern vs traditional parenting views. Totto aims to bring THE parenting ecosystem - schools, healthcare, professionals, experts et al under one platform for parents!


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June 2022
“Totto learning has been rated very highly in pedagogy and the features on the App is admirable, with its high-quality content. It is the first Indian EAF certified app with a parenting focus"

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected parenting, especially with home-learning and work-from-home scenario. We started as a support team to guide parents through home-learning activities, and eventually realised parents need more than just activity plans and materials. Informal support WhatsApp groups cropped up for all things parenting. Which now is being designed for scale through the App.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Studies say that 80% of parents are not prepared for the parenting journey. Parents are the most important, yet the most underprepared influence on a child’s growth in the early years. And the modern parent has no dearth of information or access to solutions. What is missing is something that is 'just-in-time' and authentic solutions to the specific parenting challenges a parent may be looking for.

The Totto Parents App aims to be that platform, bringing together the community of parents and childcare professionals. And we have been piloting and iterating multiple micro-innovations to make it seamlessly become a part of their life without having to make it a task learning parenting.

In the process we also created an accompanying home-learning curriculum and parent learning micro-lessons with was audited and certified for excellent pedagogic quality by Education Alliance Finland in January 2022.

How has it been spreading?

From the informal WhatsApp groups in 2021, we have now 4000 parents who have participated in various micro-interventions since the launch of Totto Parents App.

Many qualified parenting and early-childhood professionals are highly unorganized solopreneurs, and influencers with great social capital. We have used a social-media influencer driven creation and distribution plan - with over 30 such influencers (combined reach over 1 million followers). This approach has also enabled us with rapid quality content creation and high scalability potential for vernacular and international audiences.

With the credibility build over the past year, we plan to now use pre-schools, and corporate ecosystems as a channel to innovate and iterate our delivery to over 2 million parents over the next 2 years

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To use the Totto Parents App, one can download for both Android and iOS platforms.

To help strengthen the community and create glocal content that can be hosted through our platform, we are open to collaborations with experts and professionals in early-education, healthcare and parenting. You may email, anoop@tottolearning.com

Spread of the innovation

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