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We partner with youth and communities to develop healthier relationships and cultivate vision.

The Visionaries

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We partner with youth and their communities to develop healthier relationships; with ourselves, with others and with the wild - the place where all life begins. We use our rites of passage approach to help youth healthily transition into adulthood and to cultivate our ‘inner visionary’ - that part of us that knows a better world is possible and takes steps to get there. We support
We were attracted to The Visionaries because they truly understand how to engage young adults in exploring themselves and their behaviours both as individuals and as a group of peers.

John Taylor, Principal (UAE Southbank School)


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Updated on May 23rd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Let’s face facts, we seem to remain stuck in an education paradigm that too frequently stifles creativity, cultivate apathy and disconnection from community and the environment. Our public education system seems designed to perpetuate this story. The truth that education is about relationships is frequently relegated, lost behind arguments about exams, curriculum and behaviour management.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We see schools and local communities as ecosystems that, with support, can model harmonious living to the rest of society - harmony within ourselves, with one other and importantly with the planet.

Through community organising principles & the ancient wisdom of rites of passage (our most 'evidence-based' form of education) to help youth to grow up in healthy settings that set them up for an eco-centric life (as opposed to ‘ego-centric’). Specifically we help youth and organisations interested in their development to;

1. Navigate the turbulent journey through adolescence into young adulthood
2. Priotise collective and individual wellbeing
3. Create a healthy school cultures and cohesive sense of community
4. Harness the power of dialogue - creating time to talk about important issues
5. Become more trauma-informed, relationships-focused
6. Work more healthily with conflict (e.g around race, gender, culture)

Read our latest case study and impact report on our website.

How has it been spreading?

Initially we have been working with schools across London and have succesfully delivered our Growing Healthy Schools with numerous schools. The evidence of the project's positive outcomes we have drawn up into a Case Study and Impact Report, co-authored with Rewilding Education CIC.

We recognise our work is amongst a groundswell demanding better for our young people and for our treatment of the planet. We are therefore growing strategic learning partnerships to bolster a movement towards education reform. Through our connection with Rewilding Education, Rethinking Education and the rites of passage UK community, we will continue participating in campaigning work.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Get in touch with our Director Max Girardeau on Or book us in for a free 1 hour visioning workshop with a key representative group from your community/school. This session can be done online or in-person.

Through a community organising framework we use the hour to explore with you ways that you can enhance the support your youth receive to discover their full selves.


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