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Lissette Rojas
Turn an Online Class into a TV format Game Show Experience

The Trix and Trax Talents & Skills Challenge Experience

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Dare to be imaginative, original, and innovative by creating short videos in collaboration with your peers. In The Talents & Skills Challenges Experience students will achieve awareness of individual and group skills and develop their abilities for effective decision-making. This challenge experience is a total of 10 weeks: 1 week to create and produce the videos, 1 week create peer engagement
Juan Manuel Moros
"I learned to work as a team. Being a captain taught me to listen, to motivate, gain confidence to delegate tasks so that with my help or without my help my team should always shine!"

Juan Manuel Moros


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Updated on June 28th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

We wanted to give students a different, exciting, and fun online learning experience, especially since online learning has become the norm with the pandemic. We adopted the game show format that we had originally created for the MIP Cancun Formats Pitch 2020 and transformed it to an online class format

How does your innovation work in practice?

This Challenge Experience is designed to help students discover and develop their talents in the arts, music, dance, sports ... experiential work, self-confidence, creativity, communication, and empathy. This format allows, in turn, to develop self-management, decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills with a special emphasis on the ability to collaboratively identify who they are and who their colleagues are and how together they can work as a team to give respond in the most creative way to each challenge to create, produce and publish the winning video for the T&T CHALLENGES In each "Class" (episode) our mentors will evaluate the work of our participants based on the quality of the video, creativity, collaboration, and communication. For each challenge 1 week to create and produce the videos and the 2nd week to post this video on Flipgrid a platform (closed and private to students in the class), engage and get the most comments, views, and likes.

How has it been spreading?

We started this pilot with 7th graders that were divided into 8 teams of 12-13 students. In 10 weeks and with 95 students, we received 301 videos created by the students and uploaded to the Flipgrid platform, 9.650 views, 85.9 hours of engagement, 885 comments on the videos. The digital tools integrate easily with Flipgrid, Google classroom, Google meet, padlet, and each student uses their phone or camera to record the videos
We are ready to open this Challenge Experience to the world

If I want to try it, what should I do?

1. Get the Experience Rules, Class structure teacher's Handbooks, Captain Guide (student) and Presenter Guide (student)
2. Set up Trix and Trax Talent Experience Group on Flipgrid with the Topics
3. Set up the TrixandTrax Talent Experience Team notes and idea planning on Padlet
4. Set up Trix and Trax Talent Experience 10 weeks Google classroom instructions


Achievements & Awards

May 2021
Innovation page created on
November 2020
Among the finalists - MIP Cancun Formats Pitch 2020

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Create Teams
Divide your class into a group of 10-12 students. Each group chooses their Team Name, Team Captain, and Class Presenter.
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The Challenge of the week
The teacher hit the challenge randomizer to discover the challenge topic and video duration. All the teams have 1 week to get organized, decide who will be doing what, create and ideate the story they will relate to tackling the week's challenge.
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Create & produce Video
The Captain in collaboration with all team members, depending on the topic or the nature of the challenge, decides the students who will star as "The Talents" on each video and the role of all other team members.
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Upload Your Video
At the end of the week, the Captain of each team uploads their team's videos prior to the deadline of submission on a pre-set platform set up on Flipgrid
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Learn from peers and Engage
Learn from each other and receive positive comments from peers.
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Reviews and results "episode" Online class
During the “episode class,” the students run the class following a guideline set by teachers. The students presenters follow a presenter guide that begins describing the week's challenge,
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