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A live 20 Min Techy show for the kids by the kids

The Techy Kids Show

Peshawar, Pakistan
What? A 20 min live show on Facebook every Monday with kids at the Ranaa Welfare Foundation, a show for the kids by the kids. every Monday kids will host the show and share different technology tricks, tips, ideas about technology. The beginning episodes will focus on teaching Coding in Scratch to kids. Why? The purpose is to enable and empower kids to earn a respectable living for themselves.

Whats The Techy Kids Show All About?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do - Steve Jobs.”

Sheeba Ajmal, Founder - Technology For A Cause Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids

The Techy Kids Show is all about empowering younger and  most deserving kids in the society - by enhancing their numeracy, literacy and  IT skills. Its about building their confidence, providing opportunities for sharing with an authentic audience, exploring new tools tools, learning through technology, exposure to education technology resources, equipping them with new skills, connecting with the outer world and much more. The main purpose is to empower them to use technology to  earn a respectable living for themselves. Details in link below:

Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids

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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
Computers Internet Laptop Speakers Mic Room/space Furniture (minimal required) Scratch Khan Academy
Contact information

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Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids


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Discuss and Share the Idea
Take a moment to jot the basic idea of starting a weekly online show in your school. Discuss and share in a meeting with your staff, school head, students and parents concerned. Ask for further ideas/suggestions. feedback etc. You could use a Google doc for collaborating.
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Forming Teams
Consider making teams comprising of both students and teachers who will be responsible for the weekly show, researching topics and preparing students.
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Check for resource availability
Check whether all resources are available or not. You will definitely need a mic, speaker, computer, laptop, internet and a mobile to go live for the session.
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Set up a space for live show
Once all set, a space has to be set up where students can practice sessions before going live, keep their resources safe, hold collaborative meetings etc
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Demo Sessions / Practice Sessions
Provide both teachers, kids the time to practice the sessions before going live. Consider calling in students from other classes.
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Live Show Time
Ensure kids have practiced, know their tasks well, all resources set an hour or so before the show.
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