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The Techy Kids Show

A live 20 Min Techy show for the kids by the kids

What? A 20 min live show on Facebook every Monday with kids at the Ranaa Welfare Foundation, a show for the kids by the kids. every Monday kids will host the show and share different technology tricks, tips, ideas about technology. The beginning episodes will focus on teaching Coding in Scratch to kids. Why? The purpose is to enable and empower kids to earn a respectable living for themselves.


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December 2018
The only way to do great work is to love what you do - Steve Jobs.

About the innovation

Whats The Techy Kids Show All About?

The Techy Kids Show is all about empowering younger and  most deserving kids in the society - by enhancing their numeracy, literacy and  IT skills. Its about building their confidence, providing opportunities for sharing with an authentic audience, exploring new tools tools, learning through technology, exposure to education technology resources, equipping them with new skills, connecting with the outer world and much more. The main purpose is to empower them to use technology to  earn a respectable living for themselves. Details in link below:

Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids


Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Welcome to the 20th Episode of the Techy Kids Show. In this episode, Danish one of my very adorable kids at the Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation demonstrated the use of Spreadsheets. He was able to filter out data using conditional formatting and show the lowest and highest temperature readings for different cities. He was also able create charts and show variations in temperature over a week period, also demonstrated use of filters to draw out meaningful data.Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
In the 17th Episode of the Techy Kids Show , kids at the Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation demonstrated how to make story books in Story Jumper. Khalid made a story book about "My super hero", he could add scenes, write text, drag props from library etc. He read his book in the end. Similarly Kamran and Sajjad shared their story books about the qualities they see in their super heroes. The Techy Kids Show
Technology for a Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Hi People :) just an update on the Techy Kids Show. It was the 16th Episode of the Techy Kids Show today (live) with Kids at the Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation. Four of the kids namely Asad, Danish, Musa and Fawad demonstrated how to make a Clicker and 2 player game in Scratch. Amidst electricity concerns kids were able to make the games simply working on one laptop and an internet connection. They began by sharing different uses of Scratch and what are the different functions they can do in Scratch. They were able to add sprites, change size of spites, change background, write code to move sprites in different directions, create a score variable to record score etc. Kids engagement throughout is appreciated like anything. Details in link below:https://www.facebook.com/technology4acause/

Implementation steps

Discuss and Share the Idea

Consider the following questions:

1. Purpose of starting and online show?

2. Availability of resources? space availability? timings?

3. Topics to  be discussed and shared?

4. Consider parents approval and feedback regarding use of social media for a live show?

Forming Teams
Assign different roles and responsibilities to students and shuffle every week. Students can be Program Directors, Tech Guros, Teachers, Students, Assistants , Hosts etc. Discuss their roles with them. They will learn resource management, organizing space, learn to share and collaborate, be more confident and responsible. Assign at least one teacher to a group of 5 - 6 students.
Check for resource availability

Once the idea is approved, teams formed, next step is to check resource availability. The show can go live with just one computer or laptop, an internet connection, a mobile device for recording/live session,  mic, speaker, need a space/room where students can conduct the show,, minimal furniture required. They can discuss with the school head and request for a room for the weekly show. 

Set up a space for live show

Flyers, posters, banners could be created and displayed in the room. Furniture and equipment could be set in any way both students and teachers are comfortable. Round tables could be used for group discussions about the show (before and after). A talk show like arrangement can also be made. Let students arrange furniture and equipment, give responsibility to take care and arrangement of resources.

Demo Sessions / Practice Sessions

Encourage students and teachers to practice sessions, write down the rough scripts and practice as much as possible. Carry out a short demo session live to check resources, network availability, any technical errors that may arise during the show. Consider asking teachers/students/parents to join in the demo show. Take their feedback and make changes accordingly.

Live Show Time

Consider sharing invites to show through social media, share flyers and posters about the show with all concerned. Use schools social media outlets for sharing with parents and the community. Support and encourage students no matter how they perform, encourage questioning and explaining the tasks in details with examples and links to daily lives. Start and end on a polite note. Keep all data intact, safe at the end of the show.

Spread of the innovation

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