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The Svenska nu (Swedish now) Network

Inspire, Encourage & Educate!

The Svenska nu (Swedish now) network brings the Finnish-speaking youth into genuine contact with the Swedish language and the Swedish-speaking culture. The mission is to improve the Swedish language skills of youth, and to give them the confidence to use Swedish in real situations. The Svenska nu network is a prize-winning builder of bridges working for an inclusive, bilingual Finland.



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January 2020

About the innovation

What is the Svenska nu network?

The main theme of Svenska nu isBelieve in youself!Svenska nu challenges young people and teachers all over Finland to embark on a linguistic and cultural excursion. Our programs and projects – whether they are related to theatre, literature, music, gastronomics, visual arts, journalism or sports – all supportagreater self-esteem and ability to express oneself.

Svenska nu identifies new ways of combining language learning with other school subjects through fun activities, experiences, school visits and pedagogical material. The network creates meeting points for language learning together with professionals in education, culture and society in both Sweden and Finland.

The Svenska nu network also supports the work of Swedish language teachers by providing continuing opportunities for professional development. Svenska nu arranges activities that enhance cultural competence and build bridges to pedagogical specialists in Finland and Sweden.

One important goal is to foster positive attitudes towards theSwedish language and language learning, and to show the opportunities that the Swedish language provides both in Finland and within the Nordic frame ofreference in terms of access to a broader range of educational, labourmarket and cultural horizons.

The network comes into direct contact with nearly 80.000 students and teachers annually in schools all over Finland, with the scale of thisoutreach rising up to 88.737 when including the use of other materials, programmes and contacts.

The core idea of the Svenska nu network is to engage in an ongoing investigation of new opportunities for continuous learning and monitoring. All project activities are evaluated through surveys of teachers and students. This enables Svenska nu to assess impacts and identify areas that require further work.

The Svenska nu network is operated by Hanaholmen – theSwedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland.

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