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The Fifth Wall is the extension of learning beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.

The Fifth Wall

In low-income communities, project-based learning can be applied to uplift youth as young leaders and provide them with the knowledge to solve real-world problems affecting their families and neighbors. The Fifth Wall teaches middle school to high school aged youth to identify, assess, and create solutions grounded in local expertise that impact the most vulnerable in their communities.

The Community as a Classroom

“"Rural youth can become the agents of change their communities need and help transform a rudimentary education system"”

Katia Gomez, Founder

The Fifth Wall is the educational experience that extends into a student's community allowing them to pull from their local expertise to tackle issues related to poverty. Students dive deep into leadership and community development coursework throughout the year. In the first year of secondary school are taught how to conduct needs assessments, create household surveys, and map out their communities using SWOT techniques. The following year students begin learning how to draft a project proposal and establish SMART objectives for the selected need they want to address. The final year students dive into monitoring and evaluation of their projects to track outcomes and develop impact indicators. 

Throughout the school year, students tackle such issues as lack of access to clean water, adult illiteracy, elderly malnutrition, insect-borne illnesses, environmental degradation, and more. By engaging directly as the protagonists in the fight against the symptoms of poverty, students become more well-rounded and blossom into agents of change, often developing into the most proactive residents of their community. 

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