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Oluwadamilola Soyombo

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TCKZone is a nonprofit organisation that trains kids ages 5 - 16 in technology skills for free

The Creative Kids Zone (TCKZone)

TCKZone reaches out to thousands of kids in African communities and makes them ambassadors for technology, by organizing free training to introduce kids to coding, design, robotics, gaming, and other STEM fields. We are on a mission to expand creativity in as many kids as possible by training and empowering them with the technological skillset, thereby increasing the number of young minds in tech.

Empowering Creative Kids Through Technology

Oluwadamilola Soyombo, Founder & Director TCKZone
“Kids are the future and the future is digital, train your kids in technology so they can impact our nations and get jobs in the digital future”

Oluwadamilola Soyombo, Founder & Director TCKZone

What we do?

TCKZone has been involved in training thousands of kids between the ages of 5 -16 in Primary and Secondary Schools in technology skills for free. 

Training sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures that will touch upon the following subjects: Coding, Graphics Design, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Game Development, Robotics (Arduino), Virtual Reality, Video Animation/Editing, 3D Design/Printing, Blogging and other STEM subjects that we would add as we expand.

Our objectives are simple:

* To make kids enthusiastic about learning technology.

* To introduce kids to the world of information technology.

* To educate kids with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

* To create young ambassadors for technology (STEM).

* To assist the less privileged kids in the society through the provision of enabling environment to learn information technology.

Why we do it?

It is believed that we are being launched into the fourth industrial revolution, and this digitization will consequently change the politics of jobs. There are new kinds of jobs that exist today that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

In another 10 years, who knows the new kinds of jobs that will be available, thanks to technology? You will agree with me that in the near future, most of the jobs we are familiar with presently would become digital and technology advanced so when our kids grow up, more than 60% of today’s jobs would be no more.

If this is going to be the case, why don’t we prepare the kids who are the leaders of tomorrow for tomorrow? If kids are the future and the future is technology, why don’t we train our kids in tech so they can impact our nations?

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
1 500
Tips for implementation
Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our tutors and volunteers. They are efficiently designed to deliver our objectives geared towards maximum efficiency. - Physical Training in schools, communities, tech hubs, etc. - Online Training using Telegram, Zoom, Google meet,, etc
Contact information
Oluwadamilola Soyombo

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TCKZone kids getting coding certificate from
25under25 Award to Oluwadamilola Soyombo
TCKZone founder won 25under25award
Coding class using studio
Game development using Unity3d
Game development using BuildBox
Introduction to Game Development in collaboration with Africacomicade & Throne of gamers
Coding class on Zoom every Wednesday


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Become a TCKZone Ambassador/Volunteer
Apply to become a TCKZone Volunteer
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Find a venue in your community
Scout for a secure venue to hold your training, this could be a school, community hall, worship center, tech hub, etc
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