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The Art Castle

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At The Art Castle, we nurture the creative side of children through arts and crafts and hands-on activities. One of our main goals is to encourage children to be creative and innovative by thinking outside the box. We organize activities such as monthly arts and crafts lessons, curate craft boxes and produce books. So far we have two books to our credit, Monuments of Ghana and an activity book.

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Updated on July 11th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

I started the Art castle in my local community, due to the lack of creative activities for children. We engaged in activities such as canvas painting, bead making and more. Covid hit and we could no longer host classes hence the creation of the curated arts and crafts boxes, children and parents were home and parents needed activities to engage their children. We solved a huge problem for them.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Ghana has a limited number of recreational centers and as such parents have to find ways of creatively engaging their kids. With the introduction of the Art castle boxes, they receive the box in their homes, with all items needed for the particular craft. Instructions are carefully listed in the box and tutorials are loaded on our different social media pages. We had a testimonial from a parent which said " Thanks to the Art castle, I can get the girls to stay engaged out in the fresh air and awaken their creativity whilst I get my work done, Thank you the Art Castle for solving this problem" Another testimonial "My kids are creating memories and having fun learning as well. I think the temptation as a parent is to pop your kid down in front of a screen and having these boxes just really helps make a day for my kids, they love hanging the art on the walls and on their school desks, it helps us to spend time together as a family"

How has it been spreading?

Through our social media pages and by word of mouth, we have been able to reach a wide range of homes. We try to incorporate Ghana and Africa as a whole in what we do and with this in mind, we produced two books, the Monuments of Ghana coloring book, which highlights some monuments in Ghana, and The Art Castles Africa Activity book, with activities like join the dots, spot the differences, all with local references. In the coming years, we hope to spread our reach in the sub-region and educate parents on the importance of art and creativity in their children's lives.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We currently have an online shop, where all our products are available, our social media pages theartcastlegh on both Instagram and Facebook, have different hands-on activities for parents to try at home with their children. Email is


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