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Because it takes a TEAM to raise healthy, happy kids.

TEAMtalk partners with school districts to boost student emotional wellness.. Our mission is to provide access to social, emotional and mental health support to all PK-8th grade students. This MTSS-aligned approach fosters a culture of mental wellness, leading to fewer behavioral incidents, crises, and absences, ultimately enhancing academic performance.


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April 2024
We hope to see a world wherein emotional intelligence and mental wellness are prioritized with the same weight as academic performance. As former educators and counselors ourselves, we understand the acuity of the mental health crisis in schools firsthand. We believe by supporting all students proactively we can empower a generation of empathic, emotionally intelligent learners and future leaders.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

TEAMology CEO and founder, Linsey Covert, left school counseling with 800 students on her caseload, making it challenging to meet the emotional wellness needs of all students. Working with Penn State University, Linsey started TEAMology to help address students' emotional well-being proactively. TEAMtalk was created to extend school teams so that all students can get much-needed emotional support.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

TEAMtalk is a web-based platform designed to help educators quickly understand where students are at each day, while also supporting students universally to boost their mental fitness.

Students engage with diverse characters to check in and share how they are feeling each day. Educators gain immediate insight into how all students are doing, allowing them to provide support proactively before behaviors or crises occur.

Students also participate in a universal strength-based screening, which is based on the Children and Youth Resiliency Assessment. Educators and families get a deep understanding of students' unique strengths and needs.

When students are having a challenging day, they can also be supported via TEAMtalk coaching. Through educational coaching, students chat with a character to receive support and validation, and also to learn coping skills. TEAMtalk coaches are highly qualified humans, supported by an AI engine.

TEAMtalk supports 100% of students' well-being.

How has it been spreading?

TEAMtalk has experienced significant growth since its launch, driven by the increasing demand for social, emotional, and mental health support for students. Our partnerships with esteemed institutions like WQED, Penn State, and Institute for Education lend credibility to our important work. To accelerate our growth strategy, we have welcomed Gretchen Thompson, a nationally recognized Chief Revenue Officer, who brings valuable experience. Thanks to our partners' success stories, TEAMtalk is spreading across the US, and we have recently expanded to collaborate with schools in Canada. Our mission is to share our story and help school districts enhance student wellness, reduce behavioral distractions from learning, improve attendance, and improve academic performance.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Email to schedule a demo experience with our TEAM!

Implementation steps

TEAMtalk Implementation Guide
1. Implementation Planning Meeting - Tailoring our solution to meet your district goals (90 mins.)
2. Educator Professional Development - Empowering educators to use TEAMtalk successfully (60 mins.)
3. Day 1 Lesson Plan - Educators deliver a day 1 lesson plan to help students get started with TEAMtalk
4. Quarterly Check-ins - Our TEAM will meet with your TEAM every quarter for support
5. Option for additional Professional Development - Add on additional PD for educator and student wellness

Spread of the innovation

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