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We provide coaching, resources, and networks for underserved teachers to improve student outcomes and overcome poverty and inequality.


Tanzania, Costa Rica, United States
A quality education is possible when students are taught by quality teachers, and teachers need support to thrive. We help teachers learn to create engaging, student-centered classrooms by providing training (coaching, skill-building toolkits, workshops), resources (tablet labs w/ off-grid access to content), and connections (local/global peer networks) to dramatically improve student outcomes.

About TeachUNITED

“TeachUNITED was the seed that really started school-wide change. There was this positive ripple effect that has been incredibly impactful. ”

Learning Crisis 

Every child on the planet deserves access to an equitable and quality education. Yet 250 million kids around the world still leave school without critical reading, writing & math skills.  Underserved and rural areas are the hardest hit. 

TeachUNITED is determined to change that.

Who We Are

TeachUNITED is a global non-profit dedicated to reducing poverty and inequality through education. We focus on underserved communities where educational disparities are most acute. We partner with schools in Tanzania, Costa Rica, and the United States.

Education transforms the local communities we serve. It also provides tangible solutions to some of the world’s most persistent challenges, including poverty, climate change, and health and gender inequality.

By investing in education, we empower teachers and students to incubate long-term solutions to these challenges.

The TeachUNITED team has deep-rooted educational experience, allowing us to effectively transform schools across cultures. As a data-driven organization, we rigorously measure the impact and effectiveness of our program. 

Most importantly, our work is truly led by the local communities we serve, ensuring that they define success on their own terms.

Our Impact

By the end of 2019, 15,000+ children across three countries will be impacted. Our students and teachers categorically outperform their peers.

- TeachUNITED students report double-digit increases in 21st-Century skills.

- Girls in Tanzania showed a 2x increase in National Exam promotion rates.

- Students show a 115% growth across all subject areas in US programs after just one year. 

TeachUNITED’s work is only possible through strong local partnerships. We collaborate with teachers, students, schools, universities, and local government entities to deliver our replicable and sustainable model.

The model has positively impacted kids in vastly different communities on three continents and has the potential to scale and shift the quality of education for any teacher, any school, anywhere.

Our goal is to reach more than 80,000 kids by 2024.

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
Age Group
14 500
Tips for implementation
Teachers work with coaches to learn to create engaging, student-centered classrooms. Tablet labs provide mobile, off-grid access to digital content. Teacher networks allow for ongoing collaboration + support. After the program, equipment stays at schools + alumni teachers mentor new TU teachers.
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TeachUNITED: Elevating Teachers, Rewriting Futures


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