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Janice Chong


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TEST is a comprehensive school reform programme with the aim of developing exceptional leaders to reform high-need schools.

Teacher Empowerment for School Transformation (TEST)

Penang, Malaysia
TEST is a 3-year leadership development programme with the focus of developing district leaders', school leaders' and teachers' capacity in building a holistic education infrastructure in order to enable change in school and ultimately transform the trajectory of a student's life.

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Janice Chong, Co-Founder
“Building Transformative Leaders, Competent Educators, and Effective Community Builders in School”

Janice Chong, Co-Founder


Edvolution Enterprise is a social enterprise focusing on comprehensive school reform. We apply business leadership and management principles in the various subsystems of the education system to build a holistic education infrastructure. We are currently piloting the TEST programme, a comprehensive school reform programme targeted specifically for high-need schools, or schools where majority of its students come from low socioeconomic background.

The TEST programme supports Malaysia's Ministry of Education's aspiration to develop the district leaders' competencies in coaching and supporting schools towards improvement through customise solutions based on school needs.


The programme strongly believes that teachers are the heartbeat of the school and they need to be empowered to go above and beyond the call of teaching to make a difference in school. Holding on to these beliefs, TEST works closely with the Ministry of Education to help turnaround high-need schools by providing relevant professional development activities to inspire district leaders, school leaders and teachers towards leading change in school.


TEST is currently implemented in the North-East District of Penang, Malaysia. Professional development activities are delivered to 54 district leaders, 70 school leaders and 200 teachers, impacting 8918 students in 14 high-need schools in the district.

The professional development activities encompasses both the emotional and cognitive development of the district leaders, school leaders and teachers in turning around schools. The activities are delivered in the forms of workshops, coaching sessions and professional learning communities (such as Learning Circles and Learning Walks).

TEST is first implemented through workshops and personalized coaching sessions by the Programme Mentors for the district leaders. The district leaders then conduct workshops, Learning Circles, Learning Walks and one-on-one sessions with school leaders and Teacher Leaders in order to provide full support in ensuring the sustainability of the transformed ecosystem.


TEST's ultimate aim is to develop the capacity of the district leaders, school leaders, teachers and students in achieving the programme's aspirations for sustainable school transformation. The programme has created the following impact within one year of implementation:

  1. Schools have been enabled to reduce teachers absenteeism by 6% in the span of five months.
  2. 73% of district leaders have managed to help school leaders to take on the leadership role of Teacher Leaders.
  3. 12 teachers in the programme were selected to represent Penang in an international conference held in Thaksin University, Thailand to share their teaching practices to 40 trainee teachers.
  4. 100 students from the 14 high-need schools underwent leadership training organised by the district leaders and Teacher Leaders to motivate the students to make a difference in their school.
  5. 12 of the 14 schools are currently working to instil the rights values by developing videos and posters to educate their teachers and students.

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Tips for implementation
TEST's Programme Mentors conduct workshops and personalised coaching sessions for district leaders. The district leaders then conduct workshops, Learning Circles, Learning Walks and one-on-one sessions for school leaders and Teacher Leaders to sustain the transformed ecosystem.
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In the TEST programme, teachers are empowered through Teacher Leaders (TL). TLs are teachers who not only demonstrate exceptional pedagogical ...
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