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Improvement in quality of education in Primary Schools through Swasikhyan (Learning by own activity)


Mayurbhanj, Odisha, INDIA
Swasikhyan is a process in which a child learns by own activity.The teacher simply acts as facilitator for the child. It is a method to gain knowledge through constructivism with objectives to attract children to school,reduction of long absentee, creation of child friendly school environment,improvement in learning outcome, reduction of classroom conflict & creation of teachers motivation.

Improvement in quality of education in Primary Schools through Swasikhyan

“Swasikhyan : An Initiative for Quality Education.....”

Rajesh Kumar Pradhan, Block Education Officer.

What we do?

Despite provision of free textbook, school uniform and Mid day Meal to attract children, the schools of Rasgovindpur block were still struggling to keep each child at school. The unattractive classrooms, passive teaching learning process and apathetic attitude of teachers were not able to pull hundred per cent ethnic categories of students of the locality. These enforced round of discussion with Head teachers, teachers, parents and resource persons resulted to frame the action plan to move forward in the process of Swasikhyan (self learning) in November 2015 AD. To achieve class wise competency in a joyful and child friendly environment in selected schools of the Block, a series of interventions like motivational training to teachers, workshops on preparation of teaching learning materials, discussion with local artists, meeting with school management committees, capacity building of cluster resource centre coordinators, exposure visit to model schools, on sight support through specially formed resource group, performance ranking of schools, sharing of best practices by social networking, continuous supervision and monitoring by Block Education Office are being taken up under Swasikhyan. 

Teaching learning process in a different strategic method through activities and worksheets by using floors and walls of classrooms according to the competency in different subjects are going on at concerned schools. Teachers are using low cost and no cost teaching learning materials in a participative manner to construct the knowledge among students. Each students is showing interest to put her or his name card on the student self attendance board. A half yearly ranking of best five schools in a cluster is going on. 

As a result, today children are coming to school regularly. Absenteeism has been checked. Complain about conflict in the classroom has been decreased. A joyful and child friendly learning environment has been developed in schools. Teacher motivation has been created. This is the effect of Swasikhyan, an initiative started in selected sixty primary schools (class I to V) by Block Education Office, Rasgovindpur which caught the imagination of teachers, parents and general public.

Why we do it?

To attract children to school.

• To reduce long absentee.

• To create joyful child friendly school environment.

• To enhance interest of children for learning.

• To develop teacher motivation.

• To minimize conflict in the classroom

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
3 000
1 716
Tips for implementation
Floor painting. Wall painting . No Cost/ Low Cost teaching learning material. Self attendance of children on self attendance board. Display of school ranking board (best five schools in the cluster) in each school.
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Swasikhyan classroom
Swasikhyan school
Swasikhyan school
Swasikhyan school
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This SWASIKHYAN document will help Head Teachers, Teachers, Teacher Educators, Educational Administrators, Parents and the Community to create child friendly learning environment in the school and also for all round development of children at primary level.
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