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SuitUp provides business competitions that connect corporations with schools in low-income communities to increase student career awareness

SuitUp Business Competition

New York, United States
Through SuitUp, student teams experience solving a realistic corporate challenge, such as designing a new product for Nike. They have the opportunity to interact with corporate volunteers who coach them them on the marketing, financing, and strategy before helping them pitch to live judges. By the end of the day, students can see the corporate world as part of their world.


“My favorite part of SuitUp? I had the ability to learn and experience what being a designer for a company is like. ”

Student, 6th Grade

SuitUp runs volunteer events for companies to increase career awareness and marketable skills for low-income students. SuitUp brings corporate volunteers into schools, or students into offices, and runs a one-day business plan competition where employees help students solve a problem for a brand, like creating a new product for Nike. 

For students, SuitUp bridges the connection between academic success and future career possibilities. In a competition, students meet and work with corporate volunteers, learn about multiple roles within a company, and are coached by experts during the day.

For volunteers, SuitUp organizes simple, exciting, and impactful events that give companies incentive to participate. This flips the volunteer model--instead of an employee finding and evaluating a non-profit, coordinating specifics and convincing co-workers to show up, SuitUp focuses on the company and its needs, matching them with an effective education partner and coordinating all the logistics.

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Innovation Overview
11 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
SuitUp works directly with companies (big and small) to run competitions. SuitUp's corporate partners are asked to make a small donation to cover the cost of running the event (facilitation, supplies, prizes, lunch, etc.) as well as provide office space for the competition (unless they want to do the competition at a local school). SuitUp's school partners are only responsible for showing up with their students and engaging in the simulation.
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