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Studi & Binogi

Fun, equal and multilingual digital learning material!

Studi is a multilingual, digital learning platform. On the basis of animated learning videos and quizzes, the subjects taught in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and social studies are available in eleven different languages with freely chosen subtitles. Studi’s research-based learning material aims to strengthen the student’s self-esteem and to provide them with lasting, useful knowledge.



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January 2020

About the innovation

Have fun, learn and succeed in school!

A school where everyone is given the chance and support they need to succeed. This is the main vision of Studi. With animated subject-based videos and quizes, Studi aims to make learning fun, easy, equal and multilingual!

Studi and Binogi’s digital learning material is available in the theoretical subjects in Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Arabic, Somali, Dari and Tigrinya, part of the material is also available in Spanish, Thai and French. Upcoming language is Polish. The material is produced to match the curriculum for the grades 7-9, but it can also be used in lower grades from 10 year up as well as for older students, for example in vocational education or in education for newly arrived grown ups.

Videos.The videos are at the heart of Studi!Through everyday situations and clear examples, complex issues are explained in a simple and understandable way. All scripts are written by experts of the respective subjects and then animated into video by our animation and sound specialists.

The combination of audio, visualization, context and writing allows the students to understand, internalize and remember difficult topics and concepts more quickly.The animated videos are between 3 and 6 minutes long to keep the students' attention and interest.

Quizes.For each video, there are quizzes on different levels so that both the students and teachers can check what the students have learned. For each completed quiz, the students collect points to additionally motivate them.

Teachers.Studi helps teachers to teach various subjects in a multilingual classroom. The educational material is created by experienced experts and professionals, which make the lesson planning easier and faster. Studi also provides a Teacher Area, where the teachers can manage tasks, classes, study groups and students. Here the teachers can find useful statistics of how their students have performed on quizzes and whether they’ve finished the tasks assigned to them.

Digital, equitable learning. Studi helps with the individualisation of the classroom activities by offering material on different levels, and also by having various technical features, such as the possibility to speed up and down the audio, repeat the lesson as many times as needed and being able to search directly for a subject or a concept that interests the student. The lessons, videos and quizzes can be seen individually, in pairs or together with the whole class and thus function as an introduction, preparing the students for more profound studies in class.

With Studi, immigrant student with various language levels and from different backgrounds can easier overcome language barriers. The students’ learning process and subject comprehension is demonstrably greater, and as such, the success of their integration process accelerates.

Parents. With Studi, parents can learn together with their children and support their children's school work. Parents and children can watch Studi's educational videos together and solve the related quizzes at home. This is especially helpful for newly arrived immigrants (both parents and students) as they can deepen their conceptual understanding at the same time as they strengthen their language skills.

With the core values of sustainability, dedication, equality, impact and engagement, Studi wants to develop and support sustainable, inspirational, high quality and inclusive learning.

Studi and Binogi, are currently operating in Sweden,Finland, Germany, Canadaand Kenya!

Studi is an idea-based organisation, supported by the research project Språkprojektet (the Language Project). The profit goes back to the company in order to expand the services for the users.

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