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A systematic way to present mathematical calculations

Structured Derivations

Turku, Finland
Structured Derivations makes it easy for teachers to explain math problems to their students. It is a systematic method for presenting mathematical arguments that shows the logical structure of the argument. Each step is explained and each assumption has its place. This makes it easy for the student to understand, even when they weren't listening.

Mathematics is a language, we should use it as such

“"Looking at a math solution afterwards does not have to be difficult. When there is a place for everything, and everything is explained, it is easy to point out problems and ask questions."”

Ralph-Johan Back, CEO and Founder of Four Ferries, and Jockum von Wright, teacher at IB School

What we do?

We have developed a method for writing mathematical arguments, that makes it easier for teachers to teach, and easier for students to understand. We started out at university level, but soon realized that there was a need earlier and moved to high school mathematics, and realized that there was a need even earlier, in middle school. Mathematics is a language, a way to write what we are doing shorter, and use what others have written before to make our own calculations even shorter. In all those abbreviations, we often loose our listeners. That is why we need to help them them see what we see, by explaining each step and by using a logical structure that helps others understand the solution. When students solve their assignments in the same way, and are forced to justify what they do, they quickly realize which things they have not understood.

Why we do it?

We do it because we can see that it helps students and they tell us that it does. Grades are increasing, and drop-offs are reduced. Because when you understand math, it becomes interesting.

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Innovation Overview
15 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
We organize teacher education and in many cases those teachers can then continue to teach other teachers. There are also books available at Amazon and, describing the method, as well as a textbook series for high school mathematics based on the method.
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