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Jenifer Fox

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Discover student strengths to amplify project based learning

Strengths Now!

Using an online tool and a series of reflective activities, students identify their strengths, their innate positive energies. One identified, students are paired on teams to use their strengths to solve real world problems. Everyone has a contribution to make both to their team and to the success of the project. Using this, we point kids toward their most significant area of contribution.

Discover Strengths to Amplify Project Based Learning

Jenifer Fox, Founding Head of School/Author, Your Child's Strengths (Penguin, 2009)
“"When students identify strengths, they are able to make more meaningful contributions to project based learning. They understand how to work in a specific role on a team and find where they are most energized in the project cycle."”

Jenifer Fox, Founding Head of School/Author, Your Child's Strengths (Penguin, 2009)

At the Delta School, we implement a curriculum that is entirely based on students working on authentic problems and creating projects using Human Centered Design. We do not have any traditional subject offerings. Instead, we integrate all learning into authentic projects, even in high school. We found that sometimes the role students play in the project cycle is fuzzy, so we developed tools to bring clarity to where they will best be able to contribute. These tools help them discover their strengths--the innate qualities that produce positive energy when doing them. We identify relationship strengths, so they can know how to contribute to teams and activity strengths so they know where to plug into projects. This tool aids in the planning of a project as well as the student discovering the unique contribution they can make to the success of the project and the team. 
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8 - 16
Age Group
Tips for implementation
The Strengths Illuminator, an online AP for identifying relationship strengths and activity strengths. Once a student gets receives feedback about a type, they complete an activity book called, Create Your Future and teachers use a matrix for helping design the workflow of a project, placing students in roles where they have a natural inclination for success.
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Jenifer Fox

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Students sewed the bee suits, built bee boxes and honey frames themselves when a swarm of bees came to campus and we wanted them to stay.
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