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Speech Spark:Enhancing Primary Grade students Learning skills with Structured Pedagogy& SEL program.

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Empowering Togo's rural primary grade students through teachers training : Teaching for Success

We aim to address the lack of foundational literacy and numeracy skills among primary-grade students in rural areas by training teachers Social-and-Emotional-Learning strategies embedded in a structured pedagogy to offer a unique solution that improve student proficiency in reading and math reaching thousands of teachers and students to break learning poverty cycle and improve learning outcomes.


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July 2024
With our innovation, we want to see a shift towards a more personalized, inclusive, and effective learning environment that addresses the lack of foundational skills of children along with the social and emotional needs of both teachers and students while creating a positive and supportive classroom environment that leads to improved academic performance and long-lasting benefits for communities.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The innovation was created to address urgent need to improve the lack of marginalized children foundational skills which is leading to intergenerational poverty and vulnerability, impacting future opportunities and well-being. By focusing on improving learning outcomes, the project aims to empower children, reduce learning poverty, and contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Togo.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our innovation in practice involves implementing structured pedagogy that integrates Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for teachers and a learning level-based teaching approach for primary grade students in Togo. Teachers receive training in SEL strategies to create a positive classroom environment. Students are assessed regularly to determine their individual learning levels and are grouped accordingly for targeted instruction and support. This personalized approach improves learning outcomes, motivation, self-esteem, and reduces learning gaps. By combining these approaches, we aim to address the social and emotional needs of both teachers and students, ensuring that students acquire sufficient literacy and numeracy skills before completing primary schools benefiting teachers and public schools by providing evidence-based strategies and materials. By addressing the social and emotional needs of teachers and students, we aim to improve school performance and foster student success.

How has it been spreading?

The cascade training of teachers has been an effective way to spread the innovation of social-emotional learning(SEL) strategies and structured pedagogy methodologies in Togo. By training a core group of master trainers who then will train their colleagues, the approach reach a larger number of teachers and schools, resulting in a wider impact. This cascade model leverages existing teacher networks and expertise, making implementation more cost-effective and scalable.
The training and ongoing support provided to teachers ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to implement SEL strategies and TaL methodologies . This leads to improved teacher confidence in addressing the social and emotional needs of their students and delivering instruction based on individual learning levels.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Implementing the cascade training approach in Togo for social-emotional learning (SEL) involves selecting master trainers with expertise in SEL strategies. Training sessions are then planned to equip teachers with necessary skills, followed by ongoing support. Utilizing teacher networks will lead to help spread awareness. Monitoring and evaluating the impact is crucial to achieve desired outcomes

Implementation steps

Speech Spark-Enhancing Primary Grade Learning skills with Structured Pedagogy & SEL program
To implement the cascade training approach for social-emotional learning in Togo, follow these steps:
1. Identify expert trainers in SEL.
2. Develop a curriculum with hands-on learning.
3. Provide continuous support for teachers.
4. Utilize teacher networks for collaboration.
5. Track and evaluate the impact of training on teachers and students. This approach will create a conducive environment for teachers and students to excel.

Spread of the innovation

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