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Learners document their own learning on digital learning platforms, creating various content and sharing what they have learned with each other

Smart learning environments

Helsinki, Finland
Daycare centres and schools help children and youngsters to grow into the multifaceted world around them. Technology enables individual methods of learning and new ways of collaborating. The City of Helsinki offers learners equal opportunities to use smart technology in a pedagogically appropriate manner. Learners practice skills that will enable them to act in and influence society in the future.

What is Smart learning environments?

“The idea of a smart learning environment is to create a forum where technology assists the learning process; it is not there to make things harder, but to enhance the learning experience.”

Karri Mehtelä, ICT project manager, Helsinki Education Division

With virtual reality applications, learners can be transported to distant places and environments or eras that would otherwise be inaccessible (such as rainforest, lunar surface, the bottom of the sea or the Middle Ages). Augmented reality tools enable pupils to plan their school yards. An immersive space makes it possible to bring targets and learning environments, which would otherwise be inaccessible, close to learners.

Smart learning environments are enabling teachers to plan and implement much more versatile learning modules than previously.  Learners in Helsinki have access to plenty of technology, both free and licensed digital material, and various physical and virtual learning facilities that can support their learning. Smart learning environments are already used in early childhood education and care, continuing throughout the learning path.

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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
100 000
Focus areas
learning environment
Tips for implementation
With this innovation you must ensure that teachers and learners have access to plenty of technological and various physical and virtual learning facilities that can support learning.

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