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Empowering students and teachers through community created educational resources

Serlo Education

Serlo.org is a free learning platform offering bespoke learning experiences in the classroom and beyond. By enhancing self-directed learning in students, serlo.org allows teachers to devote their classes to supporting students individually as challenges arise. The resources on the platform are co-created by a community of students and teachers and accessible free of charge for anyone.

Helping every student fulfil their potential

What we do?
Serlo.org provides students with the means to learn and practice at their own pace with the methods suited to them. Applied at home, this allows students to prepare for classes and revise for tests with additional high quality educational resources - irrespective of their parents' income. Applied in school, serlo.org empowers students to take on an active role in shaping their learning experience, and allows teachers to devote their time and energy to support their students individually when they hit challenges in their learning path or practice.

Why we do it?
In Germany and many other places in the world, educational chances are strongly tied to the parents' academic and socioeconomic standing. With the platform we help to create an environment that enables every student to unfold her or his potential through individualised learning and personal support.

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