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Information management system tailored to provide easy data management, time and cost saving tools.

SAFSMS is a school management solution focused at easing the entire school process cycle from admission to running and graduation. It encompasses all the activities that occur during this cycle- teaching, records management, expenses, monitoring and evaluation and more. It is specifically targeted at schools in the African context of internet connectivity challenges and technical capability levels


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April 2020
We need to think beyond the walls of a classroom, by leveraging technology to create a system that exists in and of itself; where every child can access quality education and learn without disruption.

About the innovation

Personalized, Data-driven Education

What we do?

FlexiSAF is a technology company transforming education in Nigeria by providing solutions which help teachers and schools save time, reduce expenses and boost efficiency via data. Over 500 schools and tertiary institutions use FlexiSAF’s products to manage their day to day activities and impact the quality of education they provide.

SAFSMS is our cloud-based school management solution created to help primary schools, secondary schools and childcare businesses manage their administrative operations. SAFSMS provides school managers with an overview of students performance and test result analysis that can help identify student problem areas. The finance management module provides expenditure and revenue reports, and a real-time dashboard displays staff and student data, finances, attendance, events and meetings. 

SAFSMS also enables users to maintain student health records, clinic visits and prescriptions. Different grading systems can be specified for different classes with the help of the grading management module. Additionally, SAFSMS offers functionalities for managing staff promotions, behavioral assessments, inventories and records for parents, teachers and students. 

Why we do it?

Long term, FlexiSAF seeks to create a data-driven educational system geared towards meeting the unique needs of every learner and providing a future-ready learning experience for Africa’s next generation.

The foundation of FlexiSAF was built upon the passion for redefining learning and creating a lifelong impact. The enthusiasm and excitement to do it differently and add value to students, teachers, and education stakeholders have kept us moving one milestone at a time. Our mission is what fuels our commitment to provide quality results and valuable services that have big impacts on Education. 


Bristol Academy is located in the Karu area of Abuja, Nigeria with a population of about 338 students and 70 staff in total. The school was founded in September 2002 with a vision: to take the lead in education industry in producing students who are sound morally, educationally, socially, economically and are capable of becoming leaders of tomorrow.At the end of each term, students results were compiled by teachers, printed and packaged for parents – usually by a deadline for school report collection. Nearly 13 years after the school was founded, the management of the school noticed a huge gap in the system that needed to be filled. The Challenge Bristol Academy was in need of an up to standard method for result compilation and distribution. Result computation often took days – calculating results manually per subject for each child and then trying to find averages and grades was taking a toll on the teachers and an alternative became necessary.  Secondarily, the school also wanted to be able to communicate with parents easily  and effectively in large numbers. Solution In 2015, Bristol Academy opted for SAFSMS. Since then, Bristol Academy has used SAFSMS to compute student results. After computing, the school prints results in bulk and then invites the parents for collection. Although there is also the option on the platform to send results directly to parents, this is the system which works better for the school due to administrative reasons.  "There has been great improvement.” says the school Principal, Mr. Mathew Iorgba ” We now have easier access to students results, including every CA & Assessment. You can sit at home and see what the students are doing”Compiling Student results would usually take each teacher in the school entire days, now the task is completed in a matter of hours using SAFSMS. The software has also helped with communication to parents. Mr. Iorgba discloses that the school has plans to give parents access to the SAFSMS Parents platform so that they can login and view their children’s results and also print at their own convenience. This feature is already available on SAFSMS & Mr. Iorgba says the school is just about to take advantage of it. “That is the next step.” He says “I believe we are under-utilizing the software, because there are many features we are not taking advantage of – so we’ll start from there” The school also just recently started to make use of the accounting module, which is also a part of their subscribed package. Already the school accountant Mrs. Anyanywu said “SAFSMS makes it (accounting) a lot easier” “It is much better than paperwork. You can easily see all the payments that have been made including out-standings, part and complete payments so it is much easier to gather information. With one click you can have it all.” Improvements  Although the school admitted that using the software has come with it’s own new challenges, for example on days where the connectivity was poor, teachers would have to wait before they can start computing results but Mr. Iorgba says “I have so much trust in SAFSMS. Goja (the school’s assigned support staff) is always there when I call him – even on a Sunday night!”
How Crescent Pearls Integrated School Improved Accounts & Data Management
Adopting a Student Database Management System Located in Gwarinpa Abuja, Crescent Pearls Integrated School was founded in 2009, running a mixed British-Nigerian academic curriculum.  The school was established with the vision to produce well-natured and cultured youth, the school has since grown to reach a population of over 190 students and about 47 staff members.  Before their decision to use SAFSMS, C.P.I.S was faced with a number of Challenges  “Teachers would always come to me to source for information about the children” says the Headteacher, Mr. AbdulHafiz GiwaBut lack of proper data control was just one of the many challenges. As the school grew, naturally the school accountant was finding it even harder managing accounts for the entire institution using complex Excel spreadsheets. The Head Teacher, for his own role also needed data analysis, and a more straight forward platform to communicate with the parents, monitor curriculum achievement and handle personnel management.  The school’s management thus decided to take matters into their own hands and search for a student database management system that could meet their needs. That’s when they came across SAFSMS. Impact of SAFSMS Since the introduction of SAFSMS to the school in 2017, teachers can now have access to all the student information needed from their end. Data and information for every student is linked to their profile on SAFSMS which can easily be searched for by any system user with permission to access such data. Outside of that, Result compilation has been completely simplified and the parents can now have log in to see their children’s results through the SAFSMS Parents Platform.For the management, data reporting and analysis has also taken a new look. The SAFSMS Admin dashboard contains a wide variety of reports, from finance and budgeting to student population, attendance and performance distribution. After customization, SAFSMS was also able to fit in C.P.I.S’s unique system of personnel/staff management. Which means more free time for teachers to focus on their role, and easier work load for the school administrative staff.

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